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Kelly Ripa is Fully Committed to Her Sacred Workouts: A Look Inside Her Routine



Kelly Ripa is known for her busy schedule, but she always makes sure to prioritize her health and fitness goals. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser, shared that Ripa makes her workouts a priority, as it is the only time she has for herself and she knows she will feel better afterwards. Ripa’s dedication to her fitness routine is commendable, with her working out between five and seven times a week, incorporating a balance of exercises to fit her lifestyle.

Ripa’s fitness routine is constantly changing to better suit her availability, with Kaiser incorporating a mix of athletic conditioning, intervals, sculpting, and recovery workouts. Kaiser praised Ripa’s commitment to her workouts, emphasizing that she has been dedicated for 13 years. Ripa’s dedication to her health doesn’t stop at her workouts, as she is also a very healthy eater, focusing on incorporating more protein into her diet for muscle repair and maintenance.

In terms of her diet, Ripa starts her day with avocado toast or a smoothie, keeps nuts and seeds for snacks, and enjoys a salad with veggies and legumes for lunch. Her dinners consist of protein and steamed veggies, and she fuels up post-workout with yogurt and chia seeds. Despite enjoying dessert on vacation, Ripa maintains a clean diet, emphasizing the importance of fueling her body with nutritious foods.

As Ripa balances her fast-paced work environment with being in her 50s, she has become even more dedicated to her health and fitness. Kaiser noted that Ripa understands the importance of fitness as she ages, as it helps to improve energy levels, joint health, and overall strength and flexibility. Ripa’s commitment to her health serves as an inspiration for others looking to prioritize their well-being.

For those looking to train like Ripa and other celebrities, Kaiser’s Anna Kaiser Virtual Studios program offers a variety of classes and content weekly. Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic conditioning, strength, or flexibility, the program provides a comprehensive approach to fitness. To learn more about Ripa’s health and fitness routine, be sure to check out the latest issue of Us Weekly for exclusive insights and tips from her trainer, Anna Kaiser.

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