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Kesha confirms that the lyric change to ‘Tik Tok’ is permanent, replacing ‘F—k P. Diddy’



Kesha’s surprise performance at Coachella made headlines, but it was her controversial lyric change to her hit song “Tik Tok” that really got people talking. The 37-year-old singer has replaced the original line “Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy” with “Wake up in the morning like f—k P. Diddy”, and she has confirmed that this change is here to stay. In a recent video captured at LAX airport, Kesha stated that the altered lyric will be permanent and encouraged fans to learn it for her upcoming shows. She also expressed her support for the change by saying, “I stand by that.”

Kesha’s public condemnation of Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is currently facing allegations of sex trafficking involvement after raids on his Beverly Hills and Miami homes, has sparked controversy. The singer stated that she believes in speaking the truth and standing by her integrity, even if it means speaking out against industry figures like Diddy. Despite the backlash, Kesha remains unapologetic and has not commented on any response from Diddy’s camp following her Coachella performance with the altered lyrics to “Tik Tok.”

The ongoing legal troubles surrounding Diddy, including the recent raids on his homes and previous allegations of rape and assault, have made headlines in recent months. Diddy, who denied the initial claims brought by his ex-girlfriend Cassie, settled the lawsuit shortly after it was filed. However, more women have since come forward with similar allegations of misconduct against the rapper. Diddy’s attorney has condemned the raids as an “excessive show of force” and criticized the authorities for their handling of the situation and treatment of Diddy’s family and employees.

Kesha’s bold stance and outspoken support for her lyric change in “Tik Tok” reflect her commitment to standing up for what she believes in, even in the face of industry controversies. The singer’s surprise performance at Coachella, where she performed with Renee Rapp and threw up her middle finger while singing the altered lyrics, drew cheers from the crowd. Despite the controversy surrounding the lyric change and Diddy’s legal troubles, Kesha remains defiant and unapologetic, urging fans to support her by learning and singing the new version of her iconic song. As the debate continues, Kesha’s fearless attitude and commitment to truth and integrity shine through in her actions and statements.

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