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Kia recalls 462,869 Tellurides due to risk of seats catching fire



Kia has recently issued a massive recall for its popular Telluride SUV, affecting nearly half a million vehicles from the 2020 through 2024 model years. The reason behind the recall is a fire risk originating from the electric seat motors for either the driver or passenger front seat. This risk could occur whether the SUV is in use or parked with the ignition off, prompting Kia to issue a park-outside advisory in case the seats catch fire. The specific cause of the fire risk isn’t the seat motor itself, but the slide knob that controls it. An external impact could dislodge the seat switch back cover, causing a misalignment of the switch controlling the seat motor. With the switch stuck, constant power could be fed to the motor, potentially leading to a fire.

Documents filed with the recall show that Kia is aware of one small driver-seat fire that occurred in a 2023 Telluride while being driven. Additionally, there have been six confirmed incidents of melted components under the seats, with some reports of smoke in the cabin. While one might think it would be obvious if a power seat motor was stuck on, the recall notice does not address this. Kia’s chronology report on the issue does not mention any symptoms prior to the reported incidents. However, Kia does advise that seats moving “even after the seat slide knob is released,” along with burning smells, smoke, or inoperable seats could indicate a problem. The solution to this issue is a straightforward fix. Kia dealers will install a new bracket for the power seat switch back cover, and seat control knobs will be replaced.

Owners of affected Kia Telluride SUVs should expect to receive notification of the recall through mail starting on July 30. Additionally, concerned owners have the option to contact Kia customer service directly by mentioning recall SC316 at 800-333-4542. It is important for owners to take action promptly to ensure the safety of their vehicle and prevent any potential fire risks associated with the faulty seat motors. By following the instructions provided by Kia and having the necessary repairs completed, owners can continue to enjoy their Telluride SUV with peace of mind and confidence in its safety.

In light of the recall issued by Kia for the Telluride SUV, it is essential for owners to be proactive in addressing the potential fire risk posed by the faulty seat motors. By heeding the park-outside advisory and monitoring for symptoms such as burning smells or inoperable seats, owners can take the necessary steps to prevent any incidents related to this issue. With the straightforward fix that Kia has provided for the problem, owners can rest assured that their vehicles will be safe and free from the risk of fire. By staying informed and following the guidance provided by Kia, owners can protect themselves, their passengers, and their vehicles from any potential harm associated with the recalled seat motors.

The safety of drivers and passengers is of utmost importance, and Kia’s swift response to the issue with the electric seat motors in the Telluride SUV demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their customers. By proactively addressing the fire risk and providing a clear solution for affected vehicles, Kia is taking the necessary steps to prevent any further incidents related to this issue. Owners can feel reassured that Kia is dedicated to resolving the problem and ensuring the safety and reliability of their vehicles. With the recall notices set to be distributed and repairs scheduled to be made, owners can trust that their Telluride SUVs will be restored to proper working condition and free from any potential hazards.

In conclusion, owners of Kia Telluride SUVs affected by the recall should take immediate action to address the fire risk associated with the faulty electric seat motors. By following the guidance provided by Kia, owners can ensure the safety of their vehicles and prevent any potential incidents related to this issue. With the installation of a new bracket for the power seat switch back cover and replacement of seat control knobs, owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are safe and free from the risk of fire. Taking proactive steps to address the recall and have the necessary repairs completed will ensure that owners can continue to enjoy their Telluride SUVs with confidence in their safety and reliability.

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