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LARRY KUDLOW: An Analysis of Biden’s May Jobs Report Reveals the Issue



The release of the May jobs report showed a significant 272,000 increase in jobs, but a closer look reveals a 408,000 job loss from the household survey. The difference between the two surveys lies in the type of companies surveyed, with the household survey focusing more on small businesses. The civilian labor force also shrunk by 250,000, resulting in an increase in the unemployment rate to 4%. The employment-to-population ratio fell slightly in May, indicating a weakening labor market. This trend has been a concern for many, as full-time jobs continue to decline while part-time jobs increase.

White-collar workers are also facing challenges in finding jobs as the labor market slows down. In May, full-time jobs fell by 605,000, while part-time jobs gained 286,000. The pattern of immigrants gaining jobs while native-born Americans are losing them has been ongoing for some time, with the trend accelerating significantly during the Biden administration. Despite the ongoing Biden affordability crisis, real wages have fallen over his term, while prices have continued to rise.

In order to address these challenges, the article suggests adopting a model with lower taxes, deregulation, and a focus on energy production. By focusing on policies that promote economic growth and job creation, it is possible to improve the overall health of the labor market. The current economic conditions highlight the importance of looking beyond surface-level job reports and examining the underlying factors that impact job growth and the overall economy.

In conclusion, the May jobs report reveals a mixed picture of job growth in the US, with underlying factors such as the civilian labor force and employment-to-population ratio indicating potential challenges in the labor market. White-collar workers are particularly struggling to find jobs, while the ongoing Biden affordability crisis has led to a decline in real wages. By implementing policies that support economic growth and job creation, it is possible to address these challenges and improve the overall health of the labor market.

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