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Laura Ingraham: Biden is banking on support from the far left to secure his future



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham expressed her belief that President Biden is aligning himself with the hard left ahead of the upcoming election. She mentioned the growing buyer’s remorse among “Never-Trumpers” and old-line Democrats, who are realizing that Biden is being controlled by radicals despite their initial hopes that he could control them. Ingraham pointed out that Biden always prioritizes the Bidens and suggested that he is now pandering to the hard left out of fear of their potential backlash.

The New York Post editorial board has also criticized President Biden for what they call a “lie a minute” during a recent interview with CNN. They accused him of living in a “fantasyland” and questioned his decision to align with the hard left, suggesting that he is turning his back on moderate voters. Biden appears to be catering to the more extreme factions of the Democratic Party, such as AOC and Ilhan Omar, in an attempt to secure their support and avoid being targeted by them in the future.

Ingraham highlighted the stark choice facing voters in the upcoming election: they can either choose to return to the peace and prosperity of the Trump era or opt for four more years of the radical, anti-American, and antisemitic left. She emphasized that these are the only two options on the table and suggested that Biden’s alignment with the hard left could have serious consequences for the future of the country. The Fox News staff who wrote the article seemed to echo Ingraham’s concerns about Biden’s shift towards extremism.

Overall, the underlying message of the article is that President Biden is increasingly aligning himself with the hard left, a move that is causing concern among some voters and commentators. Ingraham’s warning about the potential consequences of a Biden presidency dominated by radical influences underscores the importance of the upcoming election and the choice that voters will have to make. The article’s focus on the contrast between the Trump administration’s policies and the direction that the Democratic Party is currently heading in serves as a call to action for those who are wary of the growing influence of the radical left in American politics.

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