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Lawsuit alleges that trendy Poppi prebiotic soda may not be as “gut healthy” as claimed



A lawsuit has been filed against the popular drink Poppi prebiotic soda, alleging that it is not as “gut healthy” as advertised. The lawsuit was filed by plaintiff Kristin Cobbs of San Francisco on behalf of herself and other consumers against the parent company, VNGR Beverage LLC. Poppi has gained popularity in the beverage world and is sold in popular retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, and Costco. However, the lawsuit claims that Poppi’s promises of being “gut healthy” are false, as the soda only contains two grams of prebiotic fiber which is too low to provide any meaningful gut health benefits. The plaintiffs also argue that the high sugar content in Poppi offsets any potential health benefits from the prebiotic fiber.

Kristin Cobbs stated that she “reasonably relied” on Poppi’s promise of being a gut healthy soda and paid a substantial price premium for it. However, she did not receive the promised benefits as the products did not contain enough prebiotics to achieve any meaningful gut health. The lawsuit also referenced studies showing that excessive consumption of the type of prebiotic found in Poppi can have adverse health effects. Due to these claims, the lawsuit demands a trial by jury to address the alleged false advertising of the health benefits of Poppi products.

Poppi has quickly risen in popularity and has secured shelf space in major retailers, but the lawsuit challenges the company’s marketing claims regarding the health benefits of their products. The plaintiffs allege that consumers would need to drink more than four Poppi sodas in a day to realize any potential health benefits from the prebiotic fiber, and even then, the high sugar content would negate these benefits. The lawsuit highlights the discrepancy between Poppi’s advertised health benefits and the actual content of the products, arguing that consumers have been misled by the company’s marketing claims.

The lawsuit also raises concerns about the potential negative impacts on health from excessive consumption of Poppi products, citing studies that suggest consuming too much of the type of prebiotic found in Poppi can have adverse effects. This further adds to the claims of false advertising and misleading marketing practices by Poppi. The lawsuit calls for a trial by jury to address these allegations and seeks to hold the company accountable for allegedly false advertising of the health benefits of their products.

In response to the lawsuit, Fox News Digital has reached out to Poppi for comment. It remains to be seen how the company will address these allegations and whether they will make any changes to their marketing practices in light of the lawsuit. The outcome of the trial will likely have implications for how companies in the beverage industry market their products and the level of scrutiny around health claims in advertising. Overall, this lawsuit against Poppi highlights the importance of transparency and accuracy in marketing practices, particularly in the highly competitive beverage industry.

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