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Legal technology startup employs artificial intelligence to search relevant case history in order to improve predictions of case outcomes.


on is an innovative new legal-tech startup based in the Seattle area that is utilizing artificial intelligence to help attorneys and law firms better predict the outcomes of legal cases. The co-founders of, including CEO Pat Wilburn, CPO Stan Zaporozhets, and CTO Dave Contreras, have extensive experience in the tech and legal industries, making them well-equipped to disrupt the legal space with their AI-powered platform. By using AI and machine learning to analyze precedent case history and fact patterns, aims to replace manual searches for relevant prior cases, particularly in contingency-based civil cases where attorneys are only compensated if the case is successful for the client.

Wilburn, a former chief strategy officer at Thomson Reuters, recognized the potential for technology to revolutionize legal work during his time in the industry. With his co-founders, who have experience at companies like Apple, Google, and Instagram, is poised to make a significant impact by providing attorneys with a predictive tool to select and negotiate cases more effectively. The startup recently graduated from Mudita Studios and received seed funding from Mudita Venture Partners, positioning them to launch their product later this year. is not the only Seattle-area startup using technology to disrupt the legal space. Other companies like Clearbrief, Prophia, and Lexion are also leveraging AI to assist in various aspects of legal work, such as analyzing evidence, extracting key terms from contracts, and managing contracts for legal departments. As the legal industry continues to evolve, the adoption of AI and machine learning technology is becoming increasingly important for attorneys and law firms to stay competitive and efficient.

Attorneys interested in beta testing’s platform can request to join a private preview program, as the company gears up for its initial product release. By providing attorneys with a tool to better predict the outcomes of legal cases, aims to not only streamline the legal process but also increase the confidence and efficiency of attorneys in navigating complex legal matters. With a strong team of experienced co-founders and a focus on leveraging AI technology, is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the legal-tech industry.

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