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Lessons Learned from Day 3 of the Hunter Biden Gun Trial



The third day of Hunter Biden’s trial in Wilmington, Delaware saw his ex-wife and former girlfriend testify as prosecutors continue to demonstrate his drug addiction to the jury. Embarrassing pictures and lurid details of Biden’s activities in 2018 in New York City hotel rooms were introduced as evidence. Additionally, the gun Biden bought in October 2018, which is central to the charges against him, was also presented with testimony from the salesman who witnessed Biden filling out the federal form where he is accused of lying. Here’s what you need to know from Day 3.

When Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, took the witness stand, the jury paid close attention, but her brief and subdued responses did not seem to engage them. Buhle mentioned finding drug paraphernalia in Hunter’s car in 2018 but could not specify the exact time. On the other hand, Hunter’s former partner, Zoe Kestan, provided more captivating testimony about partying, clubbing, and getting drugs for him in various locations. She also witnessed Hunter using drugs as late as mid-September 2018.

Kestan’s animated delivery and vivid details about their activities seemed to captivate some of the jurors, providing a direct eyewitness account of Hunter using drugs close to the time he purchased the gun. The salesman who sold Biden the gun also testified, explaining that he watched Biden mark “no” on the form about illegal drug use, which is crucial to the prosecutors’ case. The prosecution aims to connect Hunter’s drug use timeline to the gun purchase through witness testimony.

Pictures of a hotel room shared by Hunter and Kestan were shown, revealing drug paraphernalia and evidence of drug use. One photo showed Hunter wearing a shirt with the word “ADDICTED” and an Adidas logo resembling a marijuana plant, despite Kestan’s claim that he did not smoke weed. Another image depicted Hunter in a bathtub holding a crack pipe. Prosecutors aim to use this evidence to support their case against Hunter Biden.

In initial statements, prosecutors signaled a specific order for their expected witnesses, with Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, expected to testify after Kestan. However, the order was adjusted, and Gordon testified about the gun sale instead. It is anticipated that Hallie will testify soon, as prosecutors aim to close their case. Her testimony is highly anticipated as she represents Biden family drama, having been introduced to crack cocaine by Hunter, who she later started using herself.

In addition to Hallie Biden, prosecutors plan to present testimony from federal agents, including DEA officials who can provide insight into drug lingo used in Hunter’s texts. The trial continues to reveal more details about Hunter Biden’s drug addiction and the circumstances surrounding his gun purchase, with prosecutors working to make a strong case against him. Stay tuned for more updates on this high-profile trial in Wilmington, Delaware.

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