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A Guide (and Unofficial Ranking) to All of Tyler Hynes' Hallmark Movies



A true Hallmark hunk! Tyler Hynes’ star power has continued to grow since he joined the Hallmark Media family in 2018.

The Canadian actor first made a splash playing reluctant bachelor bake-off contestant Zac in 2018’s Falling for You alongside Taylor Cole. That same year, he starred in his first holiday film for the network, It’s Christmas, Eve.

In the years that followed, Hynes has starred in at least two Hallmark movies per season. Some of his biggest hits include 2020’s Winter in Vail with network superstar Lacey Chabert and 2021’s It Was Always You with When Calls the Heart actress Erin Krakow.

“Very simply [it] is just the individuals, the individuals that are part of the camp as far as executives and directors and producers and actors,” Hynes exclusively told Us Weekly in March 2023 when asked about why he loves working for Hallmark. “Everybody is absolutely lovely. And it seems like comparatively perhaps to other places, I think it’s as close as you can come to feeling like a family that is supportive.”

The Sweet Carolina actor continued: “And that just sort of bookends what is an absolutely enormous pleasure, which is the people who watch these movies. I can’t tell you enough about the human beings who watch these movies and how kind and lovely and wholesome and earnest and authentic they are. And I think it’s a very unique place.”

When it comes to Hynes’ favorite Hallmark films, the actor pointed to 2021’s It Was Always You and An Unexpected Christmas as two of his best projects thus far. However, 2022’s Three Wise Men and a Baby, which also stars Andrew Walker (who is Hynes’ cousin Cassandra Troy’s husband) and Paul Campbell, takes the cake.


Three Wise Men just because these are, like, my actual brothers and close friends and I root for these guys like you wouldn’t believe,” the 19-2 alum exclusively told Us in March 2023. “It’s a family and so that will always be a moment in time for us. And certainly that movie is up there, if not the top [one].”

The On the 12th Date of Christmas star added: “And then It Was Always You was a really lovely experience. The writer Kathy [Kloves] is somebody who’s become a close friend of mine and Erin is, like, a talent and a human being like no other. So that one’s certainly up there.”

Hynes also pointed to his March 2023 movie, A Picture of Her, as one he would watch over and over again.

“Every movie kind of has its own sort of learning curve and something about it that has a challenge that I sort of have to figure out and understand and [Picture of Her] has that,” he explained to Us. “It’s not complicated, but there’s something watchable about it. I’ve seen this movie a few times [and] there’s something nice about it.”

Scroll down to see for a complete guide — and unofficial ranking — of all of the Hallmark star’s TV movies:

Source: US Magazine


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