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American Auto Preview: See Andy Richter Meet the Payne Team



Watch: American Auto Exclusive: Cyrus Fangirls Over a Celebrity in Office

The cast of American Auto is turning to one of Hollywood’s funniest stars for help with their latest crisis.

After the spokesperson for the company’s latest campaign drops out, Payne Motors recruits actor and comedian Andy Richter as a replacement on the NBC comedy’s Feb. 7 episode. And Michael Benjamin Washington‘s character Cyrus takes advantage of having a star in the office in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek.

As CEO Katherine Hastings (Ana Gasteyer) gives Andy a tour around the building, Cyrus introduces himself to the funnyman, stating, “Andy? Cyrus Knight. I’m a huge fan.” And after Andy thanks him for his kind words, Cyrus follows up by asking, “Can I get your autograph?”

While Katherine tries to shut down her co-worker’s request, Andy says he is more than happy to sign a picture for Cyrus, who tells him to “Just make it out to ‘My biggest fan.’”

Fulfilling his request, Andy begins to write, “To my biggest fan, Cyrus,” but not before Cyrus interrupts him, clarifying, “Nope, just to ‘My biggest fan.’”

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Having been in the entertainment industry for decades—including serving as the announcer on Conan for over 10 years—Andy begins to catch Cyrus’ drift.


“Okay. I better not see this on eBay later,” Andy warns Cyrus. But it seems that’s exactly what Cyrus plans to do, as he hilariously responds, “eBay, that’s good. eBay…you’re a funny, funny man.”

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Check out the hilarious clip above.

Catch the new episode of American Auto tonight, Feb. 7, at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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