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Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her Oldest Son Lev Is Getting Married



Candace Cameron Bure has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season now that eldest son Lev is getting married, Us Weekly can confirm.

“They’re all coming home,” Cameron Bure, 47, exclusively told Us on Friday, November 17, of her three children’s plans for Christmas.

The My Christmas Hero actress, who is promoting her Generous Kids Book Club launch, revealed that in addition to daughter Natasha, 25, and sons Lev, 23, Maksim, 21, she and husband Valeri Bure could be getting a visit from their soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

“We are gaining a daughter very soon. My son is getting married just after Christmas, and so we’re very excited,” Cameron Bure shared. “She is definitely, definitely invited into the family, but we’ll see how the holidays work out in that way. Now it’s, like, two families. We’ll probably be vying for the kids every year.”

As Lev prepares to walk down the aisle with his bride, whose name has not been shared, Cameron Bure vowed to Us that she’s not causing any issues when it comes to the planning.

Courtesy of Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram

“Am I a [mother of the] groomzilla? No, I’m not. I promise you I’m not,” she insisted. “I feel like it probably is different to be the mother of a groom than the mother of the bride.”


The Fuller House alum continued: “I’m definitely finding my place in the wedding and just being supportive and I love that. Of course, I want to help and do everything, but I’m learning to settle into my position of just being available and supportive.”

Cameron Bure told Us that while she hasn’t been focused on imparting marital wisdom on the happy couple, that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to help her son find his way as a husband.

“I think the marriage advice has been [given] along the way. That’s what parenting is, right? It’s just like constant teaching and advice,” she said. “They are great people, and we are rooting them on. They’re amazing.”

The actress, who has been married 27 years, added: “So, I think the best advice for them is that they know that we’re here for them for any questions, any needs that they want. We’re always here and ready to be available and answer.”

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Her Son Is Getting Married
Courtesy of Generous Kids Book Club

In addition to the holiday season and planning a wedding, Cameron Bure told Us on Friday that she’s excited to launch her Generous Kids Book Club with the help of Generous Family on Friday, December 1.

“I love everything that the generous family is doing and reading to my kids, particularly when they were younger, it was my favorite thing to do with them,” the New York Times best-selling author said of the partnership. “I loved books. They’re a great way to teach lessons but also hear what your kids are thinking about and it invites conversations.”

The subscription book club sends members a new book once a month and focuses on stories that promote “values that matter,” according to Cameron Bure, including, “values like giving and thoughtfulness and generosity and empathy and compassion. I mean really wonderful things that not only kids need to be reminded of, but we need to be reminded of too.”

In addition to the monthly book, subscribers get “all kinds of goodies, like, their stickers and collector’s card and some family discussion questions,” Cameron Bure said. “So it makes it really fun in a fun package to open.”


Plus, the characters in the books turn up again and again. “You’ll see these characters throughout each of the stories that you get and they’re so cute,” she teased. “They’ve become a little family, but the spotlight is on a different character each month.”

Fans can preorder The Generous Kids Book Club starting this week at The first books ship on December 1.

With reporting by Mandie DeCamp

Source: US Magazine

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