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Chris Hemsworth Rides Ponies With Daughter India, 11, In Iceland



Chris Hemsworth. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix

Chris Hemsworth is taking time to bond with daughter India, 11, on a trip to Iceland.

“A little Icelandic adventure with my girl ❤,” Hemsworth, 40, captioned photos on Thursday, September 28, via Instagram. The duo stood on a glacier while grinning for the camera. They were properly equipped helmets, harnesses and crampons over their shoes to help get traction on the ice.

Hemsworth and India looked overjoyed in the vacation photos. India his the eldest of Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky‘s three children. The duo, who tied the knot in 2010, also share twin sons Tristan and Sasha, 9.

While on their father-daughter getaway, Hemsworth and India rode ponies on their second day before exploring Iceland on an ATV. “Day 3 in Iceland, started a bikey gang with my daughter. Currently we’re the only two members and that’s how we’ll keep it for now 👊🏍 ,” he wrote, tagging travel agency Icelandic Adventures.

Prior to landing in Iceland, the Marvel star showed off his little girl’s in-flight entertainment. “I swear it was her choice #familyloyalty,” he captioned a clip of India watching Thor: Ragnarok from their first-class suite.

Chris Hemsworth Takes Daughter India on Father-Daughter Bonding Trip to Iceland 355
Courtesy of Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

India is quite familiar with her dad’s superhero movies — she even starred in one. She played Love, one of the titular characters in last year’s Thor: Love and Thunder. Sharing the screen with India wasn’t hard, Hemsworth told in July 2022.

“It was just like when I’m at home, trying to tell her to do anything, she’s like, ‘pfft, no, I’ll do it my way.’ And power to her, good on her, because she did an incredible job,” he gushed at the time.

Her mom and brothers made cameos in the film, and her role originally wasn’t supposed to be much more than that. However, Hemsworth revealed earlier this year that a story change suddenly gave India much more screen time.

Chris Hemsworth Takes Daughter India on Father-Daughter Bonding Trip to Iceland 356
Courtesy of Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

“You know, that was originally supposed to be just a super quick little moment in the film, and then the character expanded due to the story changing,” Hemsworth told Entertainment Tonight in June. “I said, ‘Oh, do you want to do some dialog in the film?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, cool!’ And she was a pro and loved it.”

However, he isn’t letting his daughter follow in her parents’ footsteps just yet. “I want her to have a childhood, and I think so does she,” he explained.


“But I said, ‘There’s plenty of time, sweetie. Go to school, horse ride, have fun, be a kid,’” he added. “Because once the train moves, it’s pretty hard to get off, and you miss a lot of things.”

Source: US Magazine

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