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Gigi Hadid's Signature Scent Revealed



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Gigi Hadid‘s personal perfume blend hits all the right notes.

The supermodel’s makeup artist Erin Parsons revealed the exact fragrances Gigi layers together in order to create her signature scent.

“I was working with Gigi Hadid recently,” Erin began her March 25 TikTok, “and she smelled so good, I had to know what fragrance she was wearing. She told me that she uses My Burberry [Black] and she layers it with Lily Aldridge Haven.”

If anything, mixing both together acted more like a “skin scent” than an overly powerful smell, Erin explained. “The combination of the two is fresh, floral and green—and a little bit spicy.”

Erin described Burberry’s perfume as if “you just washed your hair,” while the discontinued item from Lily Aldridge transports you to “a garden of roses and oranges.”

“This is the star for me,” the vintage collector said of Lily’s creation. “It’s a floral masterpiece. This fragrance is like poetry.”

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In fact, Erin fell so in love with the Haven perfume that she now hopes her video will help bring it back to the market after it stopped production due to supply issues from COVID.

Though, in the meantime, she was lucky enough to score a bottle from Lily herself—well, kinda.

“Now that I’ve made a little dent in it, sorry, G,” Erin said. ” I need to have one of these for myself.”

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The Next in Fashion co-host isn’t the only star whose trademark fragrance has been uncovered. Keep scrolling to see the perfumes celebrities swear by.

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