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Ireland Baldwin Reflected on Struggle With Anxiety During Pregnancy



Watch: Ireland Baldwin Gives Birth, Welcomes First Baby With Boyfriend RAC

Ireland Baldwin is sending a heartfelt message to fellow moms.

The 27-year-old started a new chapter earlier this month, when she gave birth to her and partner RAC‘s daughter Holland. And now that she’s settling into motherhood, Ireland—who’s been very honest with fans about her experience—is reflecting on her nine-month journey.

On May 29, the model posted an image of baby Holland in bed followed by a series of slides in which Ireland opened up about the anxiety she experienced during her pregnancy. 

“I really struggled in my pregnancy as many of us do. Not just by puking everywhere,” she wrote. “As someone who suffers tremendously from health anxiety, pregnancy shifted everything into overdrive. Every thought in my head pertained to hurting the baby. Hurting myself.”

She went on to describe the many daily anxieties she fretted over, “Am I [having] too much caffeine? Did I bend over too hard? Was my shower too hot? Do my feet look swollen? Am I even going to make a good mother? I spent the last 9 months worrying about pulmonary embolisms, blood clots, pre eclampsia.” 

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“I read countless pregnancy horror stories and watched negative birthing video after video until I’d go numb from it all,” she shared. “I worried I wouldn’t make it through my delivery or something terrible would happen.”


But everything changed when baby Holland was born. 


“When she was born, all of this dissolved into nothingness,” Ireland continued. “Nothing ever mattered until that moment. The delivery was intense, but I’ve been in worse pain. She was born. My fears fled.”

The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger also opened up about how comments from others impacted her journey.

“I found it quite sad how women would go out of their way to tell me what was going to happen to my body. How a baby would negatively impact my relationship,” she shared. “But here’s what happened to me. Nearly everything everyone told me would happen, didn’t.”

Ireland then offered an update on her and partner RAC’s new chapter as parents. 


“My recovery has been smooth. I’m up and on my feet and enjoying my time with my family at home,” she wrote. “My partner and I have taken this on together and we make an even better team than I imagined. I’ve never been more in love with him.”

And what does Ireland hope other soon-to-be or new moms take away from her post?

“I guess my moral here is, you got this. Don’t let people tell you how it’s going to be,” she reflected. “Life is scary and unpredictable and this process was terrifying but it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done and will ever do.”

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