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Jennifer Aniston Has Entered Her Gray Hair Era



Watch: Fans Are Loving Jennifer Aniston’s Gray Roots!

Forget The Rachel, Jennifer Aniston‘s latest look will spark a new trend. 

The Friends alum officially entered her gray hair era, as she showcased her silver roots in a recent Instagram video. While debuting a new product from her haircare brand LolaVie on June 2, Jennifer had her gray strands peeking through her signature blonde look, which she wore in a half-up, half-down style.

In the short clip, the Murder Mystery actress sported a black long-sleeve with matching leggings and kept her glam simple with barely-there makeup. After all, the purpose of the video was to promote her brand’s latest launch, so the focus was on her effortless tresses.

“You can use it once a week,” she said of the Intensive Repair Treatment. “Put this in, leave it in, brush it through, leave it in the towel, sleep in it an hour, whatever you want. I’m just excited!”

While the 54-year-old didn’t mention her silver strands, her followers praised her in the comments section for embracing the hue. One user responded, “Well done for allowing grey to come through – refreshing,” with another person adding, “Jen your hair is just a masterpiece and everybody agrees.”

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Jennifer has been open about her philosophy on aging. 


“Universally, we’re all going to grow up and get old,” she exclusively told E! News in February 2022. “You can’t deny that, that is a guarantee. But we can be vital and we can be thriving in our older years.”


She continued, “Our society loves to say, ‘Oh, you’re this age, now you go downhill. And now you go off to pasture and that’s it, buh-bye. You’re no longer valuable or useful to society.’ And that’s just so wrong.”

Her advice? Take care of yourself from the inside out.

“No phones, no email, no texting and no social media,” she explained, detailing what her self-care ritual entails. “No looking at any of that for a good hour, hour and a half. I highly recommend doing a week of it, you won’t believe the difference.”

With that, take a walk down memory and relive the star’s trendsetting hair journey on Friends.

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Source: Eonline


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