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Jensen Ackles Confirms 'Supernatural' Spinoff 'The Winchesters' Is Dead



The end of the road. Jensen Ackles confirmed that The Winchesters is officially over despite efforts to bring the Supernatural spinoff back for season 2.

“To all of you who watched, followed, and supported this story, THANK YOU. And to all those who brought this show to life … I couldn’t be more proud of what we all did together. But as they say … timing is everything,” Ackles, 45, shared via Twitter on Saturday, June 3.

The CW canceled The Winchesters after one season in May amid major changes at The CW as the network tries to become profitable. The writer’s strike was another bump in the road for the spinoff, which was executive produced by Jensen, Danneel Ackles (née Harris) and Robbie Thompson.

“With a massive Network shift coupled with an industry strike … welp … that’s some unfortunate timing,” the Texas native, who narrated the series as Dean Winchester, added. “Sleep well dear @WinchestersOnCW … until we meet again. Somewhere down the road. .”

While Supernatural, which ran for 15 seasons, followed Dean and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), the prequel series focused on their parents — John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) in the 1970s.

Rodger, Donnelly and Jojo Fleites (who played Carlos Cervantez) addressed the status of the series at a Supernatural convention in Chicago on Saturday, echoing Jensen’s statement.

The cast of 'The Winchesters' series finale
The cast of ‘The Winchesters’ series finale. Eliot Brasseaux/The CW

“Unfortunately, we will not be doing season 2 at this time. Yeah, they exhausted the options,” Rodger, 24, said, according to social media footage. “The entire campaign #SaveTheWinchesters, #RenewTheWinchesters … the love was felt. It’s not that we didn’t know what it meant to people, but to see it on that scale all at once was incredible and really, really touched my heart and I know the entire cast’s hearts.”

The California native added via Instagram, “To say, I’m nothing but grateful to have had this opportunity is an understatement. Having been a fan of supernatural, the chance to step onto our set and into this universe every day for the last year felt like dream I hoped would never end.”

He thanked the fans as well as the cast and crew. “I have nothing but total and complete gratitude for you and this experience we were blessed with. Thank you for letting me work in the Family business,” Rodger said, signing his note “John Winchester.”

Nida Khurshid also shared her gratitude via Instagram Story on Saturday. “Thank you for the endless love and support. It means everything to me. Truly,” the 29-year-old wrote. “The little brown girl inside of me is smiling ear to ear to have had the opportunity to plat Latika Dar. Thank you to every person apart of our show on and off screen.”

Source: US Magazine


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