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Kenan Thompson Reveals the All That Sketches He Thinks Could Work on Saturday Night Live



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Kenan Thompson, who enters his 20th season at Saturday Night Live when the legendary sketch show premieres Oct. 1 on NBC, has actually been in the sketch comedy game for even longer.

Thompson got his start on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That, which premiered in 1994, alongside names like Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg and Kel Mitchell, and created some indelible characters along the way.

So, which sketches does Thompson think might actually be able to work on Saturday Night Live, all these years later?

“I feel like Pierre Escargot could work, you know?” he told Entertainment Weekly Sept. 23. “Even if he slid out on the [Weekend] Update desk or something like that in the tub or something like that. That could be funny.”

In the “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot” sketches, which became some of Thompson’s most memorable during his five seasons on All That, he would sit in a bathtub wearing a rain jacket, say silly phrases in a fake French and then translate them in English.


And, of course, Thompson has hope that one of his most iconic sketches would translate.

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“I want to say Good Burger would work in a way,” he continued. “Just the adult version or something like that. Adults having to work at Good Burger or whatever that version would be.”

In the “Good Burger” sketches, Thompson and frequent collaborator Mitchell played employees at the eponymous fast food restaurant, where the mundane nature of food service work became a playground for the young comedians.

The sketches were so popular that Thompson and Mitchell—who went on to lead their own Nickelodeon show Kenan & Kel—starred in a Good Burger movie, released in 1997, which has since become somewhat of a cult classic.

The duo even had a surprise reunion at the 2022 Emmys on Sept. 12, which Kenan hosted. Thompson also pointed to other All That sketches starring his former cast members that he thinks are good enough for the Saturday Night Live stage.

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“Loud Librarian or Amanda, when she was the angry little girl yelling about it. Ask Ashley. Yeah, Ask Ashley!” Kenan Thompson said, referring to the recurring sketches starring Denberg and Bynes, respectively. “I think those kind of things would work because it’s a talent showcase, and that’s what SNL is. It’s like, ‘Here are the people we think is funny. Go.’ And America usually tends to agree.”

In the Loud Librarian sketches, Denberg played a strict, no-nonsense librarian who couldn’t help from being the loudest person in the room. Ask Ashley featured Bynes as a girl giving life advice to letter-writers from the comfort of her bedroom, which always culminated with Bynes angrily screaming at the person asking for advice. 


Wait and see if Pierre Escargot makes a surprise Weekend Update appearance—we can dream!—when Saturday Night Live returns for season 48 Oct. 1 on NBC.

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