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'Only Murders in the Building' Season 3 Finale Explained: Who Killed Ben?



Only Murders in the Building finally revealed who killed Ben during the season 3 finale — and it’s safe to say none of Us saw that coming.

Ben (Paul Rudd) was introduced in the season 2 finale during Oliver’s (Martin Short) play Death Rattle. Season 3, however, revealed there was more to the story than viewers originally assumed after Ben died not once but twice on opening night. He was poisoned before he took the stage but survived long enough to make amends before promptly falling to his death.

The second attempt didn’t leave Ben as lucky, as he was pushed down the elevator shaft to his death. The Hulu series introduced many suspects, ranging from Charles (Steve Martin) to Loretta (Meryl Streep) and Donna (Linda Emond). Ultimately, it was Donna who targeted Ben, but she didn’t intend to kill him — just make him sick. After Ben survived Donna’s poisoning, he connected the dots, but Donna’s son Cliff (Wesley Taylor) finished the job in an effort to protect his mother.

Scroll down to see where every Only Murders in the Building character ended up in season 3:

Source: US Magazine


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