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Summer House’s Carl Calls Out Lindsay for Not Trying Harder With Amanda



Bubbling over. Carl Radke butted heads with Lindsay Hubbard amid drama surrounding their relationship — after her issues with Amanda Batula spilled over to the group.

Tension was high on season 7, episode 6, of Summer House as the cast tried to bounce back from Kyle Cooke yelling at Lindsay, 36, over her alleged mean girl tactics one week prior.

“I haven’t spoken to Kyle since last weekend. I know I need to. I haven’t had the, I don’t want to say balls, but probably balls, because I just worry our friendship is in serious jeopardy,” Carl, 38, confessed during the Monday, March 20, episode, referring to Kyle, 40, blowing up at his now-fiancée, Lindsay, for her mistreatment of Kyle’s wife, Amanda, 31. “But I need to tell Kyle, ‘Never talk to my girlfriend like that.’”

The Loverboy founder — who warned Carl on the March 6 episode to “be careful” of Lindsay the “master manipulator” — felt the awkwardness as well on Monday’s show. “This is the first time that I’ve had real anxiety about what I’m going to say to my best friend,” Kyle told the cameras. “I feel literally like a fish out of water.”

Amanda, for her part, decided to take the high road after claiming that Lindsay never accepted her apology earlier in the summer. (The New Jersey native previously said that the Hubb House PR founder “tainted” Carl amid their budding romance. She then showed receipts of their text exchange in which Amanda said “sorry” and Lindsay never responded.)

“As sad as I was last weekend, I decided to come back because I’m not going to let anyone let alone Lindsay dictate how I’m going to spend my summer,” Amanda said.


Despite being at the center of the drama, Lindsay appeared to be unfazed on Monday’s episode by what had transpired. “I know that Carl is planning on talking to Kyle so I have zero intentions whatsoever of having any conversation of my own,” Lindsay quipped during a confessional. “I plan on having a good f—king time.”

However, the publicist’s decision to avoid Amanda and not clear the air didn’t sit well with Carl. In fact, the Pittsburgh native called out his then-girlfriend for not trying hard enough with her after he and Kyle squashed their own beef. (Carl proposed to Lindsay in August 2022.)

“Don’t make this more difficult than it is. I think you two should talk,” Carl told the Florida native at the group’s Studio 54 party. “I’m facing the s—t that I’ve gotta face and I’m dealing with it. That’s what I’m talking about with Kyle.”

Lindsay didn’t like her partner’s tone and quipped, “Why are you getting mad [at] me?” Carl fired back, “I’m not upset with you,” which only caused Lindsay to get more defensive.

“Well then don’t come at me,” she fired back, to which Carl replied, “Trust me, I’m not coming at you. You’ll know when I’m coming at you.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.


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Source: US Magazine

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