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Summer House’s Lindsay Gets Called Out for ‘Curbing’ Her Drinking With Carl



Who’s that girl? Lindsay Hubbard let out her wild side on Summer House — and her female castmates took notice.

“I try not to drink in front of Carl [Radke],” Lindsay, 36, said during a girls’ night out on the Monday, March 27, episode of the Bravo series. “I want to, like, f—king go.”

Paige DeSorbo joked, “This is the first time we’ve had Lindsay by herself. She’s with Carl, so we never get her alone.” (Lindsay got engaged to Carl, 38, in August 2022.)

Lindsay told the group on Monday’s episode that after being sober alongside Carl in late 2021 through spring 2022, she was trying to find her balance. “I try to be respectful a little bit around him and not be like, ‘Balls to the walls!’ But now I want to be like, ‘Balls to the walls!’” she confessed.

However, the Hubb House PR founder’s former best friend Danielle Olivera took issue with Lindsay’s new relationship with alcohol. “To be honest, you are curbing your drinking or intensity when you’re around him,” Danielle, 34, told her pal while the rest of the women looked on.

Lindsay quipped: “Isn’t that kind of a good thing?” But Danielle didn’t let it go, confessing, “I fell in love with you the way you f—king were.”


The publicist tried to change the topic, telling the squad, “Why did I choose to have a girls’ night? So I didn’t have to censor myself. So that we could get f—ked up as girls and not even have to talk about this. Let’s just have fun!”

When Paige, 30, questioned why Lindsay was “getting so mad” when they talked about her relationship with Carl, the Florida native once again tried to talk about something else. She then admitted that Danielle was being “very hard” on her lately, which she didn’t appreciate. (Lindsay and Danielle had a falling out in fall 2022 after her engagement.)

While Lindsay’s relationship with alcohol appeared to be tied to her then-boyfriend, the businesswoman exclusively told Us Weekly in February that she’s found her center.

“It was a lot of, like, compromise and communication and just respect surrounding levels of drinking for me and, like, making sure he’s comfortable,” Lindsay said at the time. “That is one lifestyle that we differ on. It’s just a lot of compromise.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Source: US Magazine

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