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Taylor Swift's Nod to Keke Palmer's "Karma" Video Is a Vibe Like That



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Karma is…you know, what? Allow Keke Palmer to explain.

The actress recently shared her thoughts on Taylor Swift‘s song “Karma,” and let’s just say, she’s a fan of the Midnights hit. 

“Y’all, I need y’all to get into these lyrics because mama didn’t play,” she said in a May 27 Instagram video that showed her rocking out to the track in her car. “Karma is me getting everything I want. You understand?”

If not, allow Keke to elaborate.

“Karma is my cat laying in my lap because it loves me. I’m that girl,” she continued while reciting the lyrics. “For anybody that’s ever tried you, anybody that tried to get away with hurting you, taking advantage, you get the last laugh. You know why? Because karma is on your side, sweetie. I’m still here.”

Indeed, the Nope star couldn’t shake off the lyrics.


“Don’t worry about your enemies, y’all,” she told her followers while jamming to the words, “they’re gonna be taken care of.”

Taylor Swift Through the Years

And Keke praised Taylor for her songwriting.

“It’s always going to be miss Swift’s lyricism for me,” she captioned the footage. “It’s always some fluffy vibes with weighted ass sentiment!”

Instagram, Octavio Jones/TAS23/Getty Images

All in all, it looks like “Karma” is going to be The 1 Keke keeps playing on repeat.

“Woke up this morning living in the fact that I am always gonna be good no matter who has preyed on me!” the Akeelah and the Bee alum added. “You know you can sleep well at night despite what may have gotten the best of you, because your side of the street is clean! Rest easy knowing they can never get away with the bad energy they threw your way because KARMA IS QUEEN! They can eat it. KARMA IS YOU GETTING EVERYTHING YOU WANT!!!”

And Taylor appreciated Keke’s post about the song, writing in the comments, “Omg I love u so much.”

Love “Karma” like Keke? Well now there’s a new version, with Taylor recently dropping a remix featuring Ice Spice and music video.


And Keke isn’t the only star who’s shown Taylor’s music some love. To see some of the celebrities who’ve attended the singer’s Eras Tour concert, keep reading.

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