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The Best Celebrity Friendsgivings Through the Years: Photos



What happens when the stars align for a Thanksgiving celebration? Friendsgiving, of course! Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and more celebrities know how to celebrate the holidays with their famous pals, as evidenced by their swanky soirees through the years.

Lauren Conrad, for one, gave Us Weekly the exclusive run-down on Friendsgiving planning in 2017. “We’ve had to rent an extra table and chairs in past years,” she explained at the time. “You have to take into consideration that a lot of people travel for the holiday. So you can do it one of two days: You can do it in addition to a Thanksgiving, or you can do it in place of it, if you have friends who don’t travel for the day.”

The fashion designer handles the main course for her guests “since it needs to cook all day.” She then emails the attendees so they can volunteer for sides and desserts. “Most people go classic, but if there’s a bit of a mish-mash, it’s not a bad thing,” she told Us.

Conrad’s decor is set up to accommodate her guests’ every need. “We wanted to have either the flower arrangements or the food elevated,” she noted. “People don’t typically have giant tables, but Thanksgiving is a larger meal, so this way, the food is still easy to access for everyone. So much time goes into the meal, and people tend to do seconds. Having the platters right there doesn’t call as much attention as having to get up with your plate and re-serve yourself.”

The Celebrate author even makes the leftovers process simple by offering her friends to-go boxes. “In the past, I’ve gotten temporary containers from the grocery store, so I could send people home with a little container full,” she recalled. “I think that’s the easiest way.”

While Conrad certainly has Friendsgiving at her house down to a T, every celebrity does something a little different for their own celebration.


Scroll to see how Amy Schumer, Emma Roberts, Nina Dobrev, Rob Lowe and more stars have spent their Friendsgivings with fellow famous folks in the past!

Source: US Magazine

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