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TikToker Shows How SKIMS Bikini Coverage Compares to Tortilla Chip



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The SKIMS bikini made this one TikToker feel like a total snack—and not in that way.

In a video that has since gone viral, user @bbysarita shared a TikTok of herself comparing the SKIMS Fits Everybody Micro Triangle Bralette and Fits Everybody Micro Thong to an actual tortilla chip. The clip sees her and what place three tortilla chips on top of the fabric in an effort to show the coverage of the two-piece set.

“So if you’ve been eyeing the skims micro bikini and wondering about the size,” the TikToker explained, “these are tortilla chips for scale.”

And people are as confused about the sizing as they are amused. 

One user responded, “Ok, cool. Well my nibble bits are not tortilla sized so I’m out,” while another said, “I am a DDD cup. If I wore that in public someone would call the police.”

After a commenter requested that she put it on, @bbysarita posted a second video wearing the swimsuit on top of a pair of biker shorts and a tank top.


“I would probably wear the top to like a private pool, not the beach,” she admitted in the clip. “Um, these bottoms I would wear in my backyard for cute tan lines, I would never wear this in public.”

Responding to another commenter who questioned why she would purchase the bikini in the first place, the creator shared another TikTok of herself showing how the bikini appeared online, with it appearing to cover more on the model than it did in person.

@bbysarita #greenscreen @SKIMS @Kim Kardashian @Traderjoes ? original sound – bbysarita

“So this is how it looks on our good sis the model,” she said. “I think as the sizes went down they got exponentially smaller cause this seems to cover a good amount, I don’t know.”


Source: Eonline

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