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Watch Drew Barrymore Recreate Viral Dancing in the Rain Moment With Snow



Drew Barrymore Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

If you thought Drew Barrymore had fun dancing in the rain, wait until she adds snow.

After portions of the East Coast experienced a winter storm this week, Barrymore, 49, found her own unique way to remind fans that freezing temperatures don’t have to be so bad.

In a new Instagram video posted Monday, February 26, the Drew Barrymore Show host grabbed her phone and decided to have some fun in the snow.

“I guess I get excited about snow too,” Barrymore said while wearing pink snow pants, a green puffer jacket and matching beanie. “If you get the opportunity to go out into the snow, just like the rain, don’t miss it.”

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She proceeded to film herself leaning back into the snow as her dog sniffed around the neighborhood park.


“THE CUTEST HUMAN ON THE PLANET I SWTG DREW BOO,” one social media user wrote in the comments section after watching the clip. Another follower added, “You’re a human anti-depressant.”

While Barrymore’s positivity is a strong enough reason to “like” the post, the video also reminded some followers of Barrymore’s viral rain video.


If you get the opportunity to go out into the snow… don’t miss it!

♬ original sound – Drew Barrymore

In July 2022, the talk show host proved you don’t have to stay indoors just because there’s a storm. As her neighborhood experienced a downpour, Barrymore stepped outside and danced on her sidewalk.

“Whenever you can go out into the rain,” she said while taking off her glasses and looking up at the sky with glee, “do not miss the opportunity!”

The video received more than 1.7 million likes on Instagram alone and inspired fans to recreate the rainy day moment using her own audio under the hashtag #JustRunOutInTheRain.


♬ original sound – Drew Barrymore

“I had no idea [it would go viral],” Barrymore told Page Six in September 2022. “I don’t know, it was just a moment. I do love the rain and I do love running out in it.”

As for why more people don’t frolic in the rain enough, Barrymore believed too many individuals “think about the aftermath” of getting wet.

“‘Do I have to be somewhere? My clothes!’ We stop ourselves from the spontaneity and rain is for everybody,” she explained. “And I love things that are for everyone.”

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Barrymore also loves spreading valuable life lessons with her followers. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly earlier this month, the actress shared her secrets to a happy, fulfilled life. One big tip is being open to connection both online and in person.

“I’d rather be armorless and silly,” she told Us. “I connect with who I connect with and it has nothing to do with their occupation or status or background. A lot of my best friends are Hollywood-adjacent — one is a makeup artist, one is in hair — but they’re not out in front.”


Source: US Magazine

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