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Who Is Love Is Blind's Micah? 5 Things to Know About the Season 4 Star



Looking for love! Micah Lussier became a standout contestant on Love Is Blind season 4 after she found herself at the center of two love triangles.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Love Is Blind season 4.

The marketing manager, 27, found herself torn between fellow pod participants Kwame Appiah and Paul Peden when the fourth season premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 24. While Micah struggled to decide which connection was stronger, the two men also had other potential partners stuck in their heads. Kwame, 33, was smitten with both Micah and Chelsea Griffin. At the same time, Paul, 29, eventually emotionally dumped Amber Wilder to pursue his romance with Micah.

After ripping off the breakup Band-Aid with the Nigeria native, Micah was all-in on her “slow-burn” romance with Paul — leaving Kwame to further his romance with Chelsea, 31, to whom he eventually proposed. The environmental scientist, for his part, was ecstatic to pop the question to Micah.

“I don’t like to know that I hurt somebody, but the right thing happened and I feel like I made the right choice,” Paul told his future fiancée in the Netflix pods on proposal day, referring to his breakup with the flight attendant. “I really believe that. I’m happy.”

He added at the time: “When I’m in the presence of true love, I feel like I’m standing in the sun and I just feel the warmth filling every inch of my body. I think that when you find somebody who makes you feel like this, you need to keep them close. So, this is me asking you to stay close: Will you marry me?”


The former real estate broker, after a long joking pause, accepted and the twosome finally met in person. However, things were off to a rocky start when Micah couldn’t place her fiancé’s voice with his “dorky” exterior — and found herself drawn to ex Kwame all over again.

“I, like, love [Paul] so much but I had such a hard time equating [his voice and face], but with you I feel like it fits like a little glove,” she confessed to the former soccer player during the season 4 cast trip to Mexico in episode four. “I really do care about you as a person and the connection we made. I still, like, think about you [and] I hope the best for you. I just want you to be happy.”

In addition to finding love (twice) on Love Is Blind, the Netflix personality also gained a new circle of friends.

“I think there’s gonna be a lot that you don’t see on the show of amazing connections that I had with other girls and stuff,” Micah exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month. “[And Irina Solomonova] was what I needed at the time, and I think she’s a great person. I really do.”

Micah’s praise of the 26-year-old Russia native — who was briefly engaged to Zack Goytowski on the show — comes after fans criticized the two women for acting like mean girls to the other contestants they were living with during the experiment.

“What she did for me was make me laugh and reminded me who I am [and] that I like to laugh,” Micah confessed to Us. “I like to joke, like, this is a really serious situation, but I don’t have to be miserable … and she gave me that.”


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Source: US Magazine

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