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Will Pretty Little Liars Alum Tyler Blackburn Appear on Original Sin? The Creator Says…



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You can’t get anything past Pretty Little Liars fans.

In the fourth episode of the HBO Max spin-off Original Sin, Noa (Maia Reficco) finds a bottle of oxycodone in her mother Marjorie’s (Elena Goode) purse. Once the label on the bottle comes into focus, it’s clear that it’s not Marjorie’s name on the prescription. Instead, it’s a name that means an awful lot to fans of the original series: Caleb Rivers.

Caleb Rivers was played by Tyler Blackburn on Pretty Little Liars, Rosewood’s resident rebel who goes on to marry Hanna (Ashley Benson) at the end of the series.

So, what was Caleb’s name doing on the pill bottle?

“If you’re going to show a close-up of a pill bottle,” Original Sin executive producer Lindsay Calhoon Bring teased to TVLine, “you might as well make it connect to the original series.”

As for what that means for Caleb’s potential involvement in the series—well, don’t get your hopes up.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: Where You’ve Seen the Cast Before

“It’s funny to see the storm of fans guessing that Caleb has moved to Millwood,” Bring said. “I pick up prescriptions all over the country, so in my mind, Caleb was passing through and needed to pick up his oxy.”

The connection was such a throwaway that co-creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa admitted he “forgot about that until the episode aired.” 

Oh well. At least we know Caleb’s alive?

Eric Mccandless/Abc Family

As for the potential for other former Rosewood residents to pop up in Millwood, Shay Mitchell—who played Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars—is open to the idea, telling E!’s Daily Pop last year that she’d “never say never” about participating in the revival. 

Here’s hoping it’s more than just a name on a pill bottle.

Fans hoping for a nostalgia kick are in luck, however, as Aguirre-Sacasa teased on Instagram that the upcoming episodes of the series “go back to where it all began: #Rosewood.”

Consider our bags packed.


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