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Lionel Messi scores his 12th goal of the season as Inter Miami comeback to draw 3-3 with St. Louis



Lionel Messi scored his 12th goal of the season in the last Major League Soccer match before the Copa America. Inter Miami tied St. Louis City 3-3 in a thrilling game. Luis Suárez also scored his 12th goal for Miami, with Jordi Alba scoring the tying goal in the 85th minute. Both Suárez and Messi are now tied for the team lead in goals, just one behind the MLS lead. Despite a challenging first half, Inter Miami fought back with Messi playing a pivotal role, ending the game to cheers from fans and setting the stage for his upcoming Copa America campaign to defend Argentina’s title.

Inter Miami now leads the Eastern Conference standings with a two-point lead over second-place Cincinnati. With a record of 10-3-5 and 35 points, Miami is on track for a strong season. The team will face upcoming challenges as both Messi and potentially Suárez could miss at least five matches during the Copa America tournament. With Copa America running from June 20 to July 14, Inter Miami will need to adapt to the absence of key players. Additionally, players may be called upon for the Paris Olympics from July 26 to August 11, posing further challenges for the team.

The focus for Inter Miami will be on maintaining its top spot in the absence of key players like Messi. The team is determined to secure a postseason berth, aiming for its second in club history. While the team won the Leagues Cup championship in Messi’s first season, they missed the postseason due to injuries and a packed schedule taking a toll in the latter part of the season. To avoid a similar fate, the team has been cautious with the minutes of Messi and veteran teammates, prioritizing player health and fitness to ensure optimal performance.

Inter Miami’s star players have played a significant role in the team’s success, with Messi, Suárez, and Sergio Busquets combining for over 3,000 minutes in the first half of the season. Despite facing some criticism for being cautious with player minutes, coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino emphasizes the importance of prioritizing player health. With key players like Messi contributing to the team’s success, Inter Miami looks to maintain its position at the top of the Eastern Conference standings and secure a spot in the postseason as they navigate through upcoming challenges.

Inter Miami’s upcoming matches will be crucial in determining their success in the absence of key players during the Copa America and potentially the Paris Olympics. With a focus on leveraging the depth of the squad and maintaining player fitness, the team aims to build on its success and secure a postseason berth. The absence of star players like Messi will present challenges, but Inter Miami looks to overcome them with a strong team spirit and cohesive gameplay. As the team navigates through upcoming fixtures, the support of fans and the collective effort of the squad will be essential in achieving their goals and continuing their quest for success in the MLS.

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