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Live Updates on Trump Trial: Jury Requests Judge’s Instructions During Second Important Deliberation Update After Four Hours



Donald Trump’s fate in the Manhattan hush money trial is now in the hands of the jury as they deliberate on 34 counts of falsifying business records after a six-week trial involving 22 witnesses. The jury has asked to hear the judge’s instructions again, specifically requesting to rehear the testimony of David Pecker, the publisher of the National Enquirer, regarding a call he had with Trump about buying and killing potentially harmful stories.

The jury’s request to rehear this testimony could spell bad news for the defense, as it indicates that they are focusing on evidence that suggests Trump was involved in efforts to buy and kill stories that could have affected the 2016 election. As the jury deliberates, Trump has taken to social media to criticize the judge, prosecutor, and the trial itself, calling it a ‘kangaroo court’ and a ‘witch hunt.’

Meanwhile, the White House has commented on the trial, calling it an ‘important day’ and emphasizing President Biden’s focus on delivering for the American people. The trial has also seen various reactions from Trump’s supporters and detractors, as well as legal experts and commentators. Trump’s legal team has raised concerns about the judge’s instructions to the jury, calling for an investigation into potential misconduct.

As the jury deliberations continue, Trump and his team await the verdict, which could result in a not guilty verdict, a guilty verdict on any of the 34 counts, or a hung jury leading to a mistrial. The case has been characterized by dramatic courtroom moments, including appearances by high-profile individuals like Harvey Weinstein and Robert De Niro. The outcome of the trial will have significant implications for Trump and his political future.

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