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London’s struggling nighttime ambassador, Amy Lamé, gets a 4.5% salary increase and will now earn £132,000 annually.



Sadiq Khan’s ‘night-tsar’, Amy Lamé, has recently received a 4.5% pay rise, bringing her annual salary to £132,000, despite criticisms over her role in London’s declining nightlife. Ms. Lamé, who was appointed by Khan in 2016 to help London thrive as a 24-hour city, has faced backlash over her performance, with industry experts and the Conservative party questioning whether she is providing value for money. Concerns have been raised as figures show that London is falling behind cities like Liverpool and Birmingham in terms of nightlife vitality.

With Khan securing a historic third term as London Mayor, Ms. Lamé’s pay rise has come under scrutiny, especially as the number of closed venues in London continues to rise. The head of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), Michael Knill, has expressed doubts about whether Ms. Lamé can deliver ‘tangible change’ to improve London’s nighttime economy. Despite some initiatives like the women’s night safety charter, industry insiders feel that more needs to be done to support struggling nightlife venues in the city.

Images posted under #LameLondon on social media have highlighted the state of London’s nighttime economy, with deserted streets and closed venues showcasing the challenges faced by the city’s nightlife industry. The closure of LGBTQ+ venues and nightclubs has been a major concern, with London’s famed Heaven nightclub also at risk of shutting down due to rising costs. The pandemic has further exacerbated the situation, with closures of nightclubs across the UK averaging two per week between March 2020 and December 2023.

While Ms. Lamé’s international trips were mostly funded through private donations, some expenses for taxpayer-funded trips have raised eyebrows. Critics argue that the focus should be on addressing the challenges faced by London’s nighttime economy rather than on extravagant travel. As Ms. Lamé oversees all 32 boroughs of London, there are calls for more concrete actions to support struggling nightlife businesses and ensure the city remains vibrant after dark. The need for effective leadership and tangible results has become more pressing as London falls behind other cities in terms of nightlife vitality.

In response to criticisms, Ms. Lamé has blamed former Mayor Boris Johnson for the struggling nighttime economy, emphasizing her role in helping London thrive as a 24-hour city. However, questions remain about the effectiveness of her leadership and the impact of her initiatives on improving London’s nightlife scene. With the number of closed venues continuing to rise and London being overtaken by cities like Liverpool and Birmingham, there is a growing urgency for more concrete action to support the nighttime economy and ensure the city remains a vibrant destination for nightlife enthusiasts. As the debate over Ms. Lamé’s pay rise continues, the focus remains on delivering real change and tangible results to support London’s struggling nightlife industry.

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