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Long Island Boil Water Advisory Lifted Following Water Main Break in Nassau County



A boil water advisory was issued for parts of Long Island after a water main break caused flooding in Nassau County. Liberty New York Water company reported that customers in Baldwin, Island Park, Oceanside, Roosevelt, and South Hempstead were affected. Approximately 30,000 customers were without water for over an hour when the main burst on Winona Road in Baldwin. However, the advisory has since been lifted as the water main was repaired, and bacteria tests came back negative, confirming that the water was not contaminated at any time.

The company advised customers to run their faucets for at least 3 to 5 minutes before using water. Health care facilities, multi-story commercial buildings, and apartments were recommended to run faucets for 10 to 15 minutes. Initially, customers were instructed to boil tap water for one minute and let it cool before using it for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, preparing food, or giving to pets. This precautionary measure was put in place to ensure the safety of residents while the water main issue was being addressed.

It is essential for residents in the affected areas to follow these guidelines to protect themselves from any potential health risks associated with contaminated water. Running faucets for the recommended time frame will help flush out any remaining impurities in the water system. By taking these precautions, individuals can ensure that the water they are using is safe for consumption and other household activities.

The prompt response from Liberty New York Water in repairing the water main and conducting necessary tests demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of their customers. By issuing a boil water advisory and providing clear instructions on how to safely use water post-repair, the company has shown transparency and accountability in handling the situation. Customers can feel assured that the company is proactive in addressing any issues that may arise with the water supply.

It is also crucial for residents to stay informed about any updates regarding the water quality in their area. Following Liberty New York Water’s recommendations and staying alert to any new developments will help maintain a safe environment for all residents. By working together and following the guidelines provided, the community can navigate through unexpected incidents like water main breaks with minimal disruption and ensure that everyone has access to clean and safe water.

Overall, the boil water advisory issued for parts of Long Island serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety and the need to be prepared for such incidents. By following the instructions given by Liberty New York Water and staying vigilant about water quality, residents can protect themselves and their families from any potential risks associated with water contamination. The swift response and effective communication from the company highlight their dedication to serving the community and ensuring that water quality standards are maintained at all times.

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