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Major Shake-Up Expected in MLB Records as Negro Leagues Stats Set to be Officially Recognized: Report



Major League Baseball is set to officially recognize statistics from the Negro Leagues and incorporate them into its own data. This move comes after MLB elevated Negro League stats as “major league” in 2020, correcting a long-standing oversight in the game’s history. One player who will benefit from this recognition is Josh Gibson, often referred to as the “Black Babe Ruth.” Gibson, a catcher, is considered one of the greatest players to never suit up for an MLB game. His true statistics remain a mystery, but he is now set to hold numerous MLB records, including the highest career batting average, slugging percentage, and OPS. Gibson’s accomplishments in the Negro Leagues will now be included in the MLB record books, solidifying his place as one of the all-time greats.

Despite his impressive statistics, it was Jackie Robinson who ultimately broke the color barrier in MLB in 1947, three months after Gibson’s death at the age of 35. Gibson’s last professional game was the year prior, after being named a Negro League All-Star for the 12th time. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972, the same year Robinson passed away. While Gibson’s cumulative numbers may not be as high as other players due to the shorter Negro League season, his impact on the game and his undeniable talent are now being recognized on a larger scale.

Josh Gibson’s legacy and contributions to baseball are now being solidified in MLB history, as his statistics from the Negro Leagues are officially recognized and incorporated into the league’s data. His incredible achievements as a player, including holding numerous MLB records, are now being acknowledged on a larger scale. Despite not playing in the majors during his career, Gibson’s impact on the game and his talent as a player are now being celebrated and remembered for future generations to appreciate.

As MLB officially recognizes and incorporates statistics from the Negro Leagues into its own data, players like Josh Gibson are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Gibson, known as the “Black Babe Ruth,” is considered one of the all-time greats, and his accomplishments are now being included in the MLB record books. Despite the challenges and discrimination he faced during his career, Gibson’s talent and impact on the game are now being celebrated and honored on a larger scale, ensuring that his legacy lives on for generations to come. With this historic recognition, the contributions of players from the Negro Leagues are finally being acknowledged and given the respect they deserve within the baseball community.

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