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Massive fire in Paterson, New Jersey obliterates more than a dozen homes and businesses



A devastating seven-alarm fire broke out in Paterson, New Jersey, leaving families homeless and businesses destroyed. Residents stated that the fire started around midnight at 195 Broadway and firefighters worked tirelessly to contain it well into the morning. The fire was severe and difficult to control, requiring assistance from multiple firefighting units in the area. As a result, the building was completely destroyed, with the roof collapsing and the second floor crumbling.

At least 15 apartments were located on the second floor of the building, with several small businesses on the first floor, including an insurance agency, hair salon, and restaurant. The Red Cross reported that six families were displaced as a result of the fire and they were providing assistance to those affected. Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries resulting from the fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation as authorities work to determine what started the devastating blaze.

One resident shared their experience of hearing someone yelling about the fire while they were in the shower. The panicked resident quickly evacuated the building with their family, leaving everything behind. This loss forced them to start over once again, adding to the tragedy of losing everything in the fire. The community is coming together to support those impacted by the fire, offering assistance and resources to help them rebuild and recover from this devastating event.

The destruction caused by the fire highlights the importance of fire safety measures and preparedness. Residents are reminded to have working smoke alarms, an evacuation plan, and to practice fire safety in their homes and businesses. The quick response from firefighters helped to prevent further damage and injuries, showcasing the dedication and bravery of these first responders. As the investigation continues into the cause of the fire, authorities will work to determine how such a devastating event occurred and what can be done to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

In the aftermath of the fire, the community is rallying around those affected, offering support and assistance to help them through this difficult time. Organizations like the Red Cross are providing aid to displaced families, while local businesses and residents are donating supplies and resources to help with the recovery efforts. The resilience of the community is on display as they come together to rebuild and support one another in the wake of this tragic event. As the cleanup and rebuilding process begins, the strength and unity of the community will be crucial in helping those impacted by the fire to rebuild their lives and move forward.

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