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Maya Hawke Brings Her Own Bra to Photoshoots for a Better Fit



Maya Hawke, known for her roles in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” shared some of her fashion must-haves in a recent episode of GQ’s “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” series. One of the items she can’t live without is her favorite bra, which she always brings to photoshoots since often the clothes and undergarments provided don’t work for women with boobs. The actress showcased a black bra with thick straps and floral embroidery that she found at a now-closed underwear shop in Woodstock, New York, eight years ago. She described it as perfect, supportive, and giving differentiation and shape without the uni-boob effect.

Aside from bras, Hawke also has a love for striped shirts, particularly vintage ones. She considers a black and white striped shirt as one of the most important things in her wardrobe. She even joked about having a “very happy marriage” with the garment, emphasizing how much she values it. In fact, she is releasing a striped shirt as part of her merch collection for her upcoming album, Chaos Angel. The red top features white stripes and “Maya Hawke Chaos Angel” embroidered in black cursive letters on the chest, and fans can preorder it to ship on the same day as her album release.

Chaos Angel, Maya Hawke’s third studio album, consists of nine pop songs. In preparation for the album’s launch, she released a single and music video for the track “Missing Out” in February. The actress turned singer is not the only artist dropping new music this spring, as there are tons of artists sharing their latest works with the world. Maya Hawke’s fashion sense and music career are both gaining attention, with fans eager to get their hands on her striped shirt and listen to her new album.

In the world of fashion and music, Maya Hawke is making a name for herself with her unique style and talents. Her attention to detail when it comes to undergarments and clothing reflects her commitment to looking and feeling her best in any situation, whether it be on set or on stage. As she continues to expand her creative endeavors, fans can expect more exciting projects and merchandise from Maya Hawke in the future. With her upcoming album release and striped shirt merchandise, she is sure to capture the hearts of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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