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Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, 92, weds biologist Elena Zhukova, 67, at his Los Angeles vineyard with glamorous guests, including Robert Kraft, in attendance.



Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, 92, is set to tie the knot with biologist Elena Zhukova, 62, in what will be his fifth marriage. High-powered guests, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, attended the wedding ceremony at the vineyard of Murdoch’s sprawling Bel Air estate, Moraga. Guests arrived in luxury cars, with Kraft and his wife posing for an impromptu photo by the side of the road. News Corp chief executive Robert Thompson was also in attendance with his wife, and workers were seen lugging cartloads of flowers to the estate in preparation for the ceremony.

Despite his extensive media empire, Murdoch has shifted his focus to his vineyard at Moraga following his retirement. The 16-acre property was purchased in 2013 and features a ranch-style house, guest house, and a wine cave – the only one in Los Angeles County. Formerly a horse ranch built in 1937, it has a rich history of hosting Hollywood greats for extravagant parties. Murdoch has invested in developing the vineyard into a world-class winery, inspired by his love for wine and viticulture.

Zhukova, who hails from Moscow, is set to become Murdoch’s fifth wife, following his previous marriages to Patricia Booker, Anna Maria Torv, Wendi Deng, and Jerry Hall. The couple plans to spend their retirement at the Bel Air estate, where the vineyard is located. Despite facing financial challenges due to the business losing money annually, Murdoch is determined to establish Moraga as an internationally competitive wine brand with a cult following.

Guests at the wedding were seen mingling and arriving in luxury cars, with an enhanced security presence in place to ensure a smooth event. The couple’s decision to hold the ceremony at Moraga reflects their desire for a more intimate celebration, away from the public eye. With Zhukova’s background in biology and Murdoch’s passion for wine-making, the couple shares a mutual interest in sustainability and innovation, which they hope to incorporate into their future plans for the estate.

As preparations for the wedding took place, workers were seen delivering flowers and setting up decorations around the estate. The picturesque vineyard setting provided a serene backdrop for the ceremony, with Murdoch’s legacy as a media tycoon transitioning into a new chapter focused on wine production. The couple’s shared vision for Moraga as a top wine brand highlights their commitment to preserving the property’s history while embracing new opportunities for growth. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Murdoch and Zhukova aim to create a legacy that extends beyond their wedding day.

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