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MedTech company Semler Scientific follows MicroStrategy’s lead, surges 37% after investing in bitcoin



Semler Scientific, a little-known medical technology company, made headlines on Tuesday after revealing that it has adopted bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset. In a move reminiscent of MicroStrategy, Semler also purchased 581 bitcoins for approximately $40 million. The stock price surged by 37% following the announcement, even as the price of bitcoin dipped slightly. With a market capitalization around $210 million, Semler has seen a more than 30% decrease in value this year.

Eric Semler, the chairman of Semler Scientific, emphasized the company’s confidence in bitcoin as a reliable store of value and a compelling investment. He highlighted bitcoin’s unique characteristics as a scarce and finite asset that could serve as an inflation hedge and safe haven during times of global instability. Semler also pointed out the potential for outsized returns as bitcoin gains wider acceptance as digital gold. This strategic move aligns Semler with MicroStrategy, which took a similar approach to bitcoin investment in 2020 and has seen significant stock price growth as a result.

Unlike some companies that have fully transitioned to a focus on bitcoin, Semler Scientific remains committed to its core business of developing products for the detection of peripheral arterial disease. The company plans to leverage revenue and free cash flow generated from its medical products to evaluate the use of excess cash, including future investments in bitcoin. Other notable companies, such as Tesla and Block, have also added bitcoin to their balance sheets in recent years. This trend reflects a growing interest in bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

As bitcoin continues to climb in value, up 60% this year and trading near its all-time high, corporate adoption of the cryptocurrency is viewed as a key indicator of institutional acceptance. However, regulatory concerns and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have tempered widespread adoption among corporate treasuries. Despite these challenges, companies like Semler are taking bold steps to integrate bitcoin into their financial strategies, recognizing its potential as a valuable asset class. In the long term, the evolving role of bitcoin in corporate finance could reshape the traditional investment landscape.

Overall, Semler Scientific’s decision to embrace bitcoin as part of its treasury reserve asset reflects a growing trend among companies seeking to diversify their financial portfolios. By investing in bitcoin, Semler aims to position itself as a forward-thinking organization that is prepared to navigate financial markets in a digital age. As the value of bitcoin continues to rise and institutional interest grows, more companies may follow in Semler’s footsteps, reshaping the relationship between traditional finance and emerging digital assets. With a strategic approach to bitcoin investment, Semler Scientific is poised to capture potential gains and navigate the evolving landscape of global finance.

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