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Microsoft is launching a mobile gaming store to compete with Apple and Google



Microsoft is planning to enter the mobile gaming market with the launch of a new mobile gaming store expected to launch in July. The store will be available through web browsers rather than a designated app, with Candy Crush Saga as one of the prominent franchises on day one. This move comes after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard King for $69 billion, positioning the company to compete with Google and Apple in the mobile gaming space.

The global mobile gaming market is one of the most lucrative sectors of the gaming industry, generating nearly as much revenue as the PC and console sectors combined. With the acquisition of Candy Crush, Microsoft is looking to capitalize on the popularity and profitability of mobile games, particularly in emerging markets where smartphones are more prevalent than computers or gaming consoles. The new Microsoft mobile store aims to provide a seamless experience across devices, allowing users to access their library, rewards, and identity regardless of the ecosystem.

Microsoft has been making strategic moves in the gaming industry, such as the recent decision to shut down several studios under its subsidiary Bethesda Softworks. These shutdowns were attributed to a reallocation of resources and difficulties managing multiple projects. The company’s entry into the mobile gaming market follows changes made by Apple to its app store policies following a legal battle with Epic Games. The lawsuit, which concluded in 2021, highlighted anti-competitive conduct in Apple’s app store policies, prompting the tech giant to make adjustments.

The new Microsoft mobile store is poised to bring more competition to the mobile gaming landscape, challenging the dominance of Google and Apple in this space. By offering a platform that goes beyond a single ecosystem, Microsoft aims to provide an inclusive gaming experience that follows users across different devices. With Candy Crush Saga as a flagship franchise, Microsoft is strategically leveraging its acquisition of Activision Blizzard King to establish a strong presence in the mobile gaming industry.

The announcement of Microsoft’s entry into the mobile gaming market comes at a time when mobile games are experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by the widespread adoption of smartphones in emerging markets. Although overshadowed by the PC and console sectors, mobile gaming accounts for a significant portion of the gaming industry’s revenue worldwide. With the potential to reach millions of players, mobile games have become a key focus for companies like Microsoft, looking to capitalize on the evolving gaming landscape.

Overall, Microsoft’s foray into the mobile gaming market signals a new era of competition within the industry, with the tech giant positioning itself to challenge established players like Google and Apple. The upcoming launch of the Microsoft mobile store, featuring popular franchises like Candy Crush Saga, is expected to shake up the mobile gaming space and provide users with a more diverse and accessible gaming experience. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Microsoft’s strategic moves reflect the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in this dynamic sector.

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