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Microsoft to invest $3.3 billion in Wisconsin AI data center as Biden criticizes Trump on job creation



Microsoft plans to invest $3.3 billion in an artificial intelligence-related initiative in Wisconsin, boosting President Joe Biden’s job-creation efforts in the state. The investment will focus on expanding Microsoft’s cloud computing and AI infrastructure capacity, with the development of a state-of-the-art data center campus in Racine, Wisconsin. The project is expected to create 2,300 union construction jobs by 2025 and 2,000 permanent jobs over time.

In addition to the data center, Microsoft will create the country’s first manufacturing-focused AI co-innovation lab and an AI skilling initiative to equip more than 100,000 Wisconsin residents with essential AI skills. This initiative aims to address the lack of progress from previous investments in the area, such as the failed $10 billion investment from Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn six years ago. President Biden highlighted the failures of the previous administration’s promises and praised Microsoft for its new investment.

During an event in Wisconsin, Microsoft President Brad Smith emphasized the state’s legacy of manufacturing and innovation, highlighting the importance of collaboration and getting things done. Smith stressed that Microsoft’s investment is not politically motivated, but rather a result of the Biden administration’s support for the AI project. The President expressed his gratitude to Smith and Microsoft for their commitment to creating jobs and opportunities in Wisconsin.

Microsoft’s investment in Wisconsin includes partnering with Gateway Technical College to establish a Data Center Academy that will train and certify over 1,000 students in five years for jobs in the new data center and IT sector. This partnership aligns with Biden’s “Investing in America” agenda, focusing on building a skilled workforce for the future. The President and Brad Smith discussed the importance of working together to achieve significant milestones in the state.

The collaboration between Microsoft and Wisconsin represents a significant step towards creating economic opportunities and promoting technological innovation in the region. The new data center and AI-focused initiatives will not only create jobs but also equip residents with in-demand skills that can drive economic growth. President Biden’s visit to Wisconsin to announce the investment underscores the administration’s commitment to revitalizing local economies through strategic partnerships with technology companies.

Overall, Microsoft’s $3.3 billion investment in Wisconsin demonstrates the potential for public-private partnerships to drive economic development and job creation in key states. By leveraging AI technology and cloud computing, Microsoft aims to strengthen Wisconsin’s position as a hub for innovation and advanced manufacturing. The project’s focus on skilling initiatives and workforce development further underscores the importance of investing in human capital to ensure sustainable economic growth in the region.

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