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Miley Cyrus Debuts Brunette Hair and Bangs on ‘W Magazine’ Cover



Miley Cyrus, the 31-year-old singer, recently graced the cover of W Magazine with a new look including wispy bangs and chunky highlights. She showcased her brown hair in a flat-ironed style cascading down her back, complemented by subtle winged eyeliner, long lashes, and glossy lips. Throughout the cover shoot, Cyrus sported a variety of unique outfits, including a mesh bodysuit from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello and itty-bitty Gucci shorts paired with a forest green blouse and black heels with rhinestone embellishments.

In addition to her fashion choices, Cyrus discussed her friendship with Gucci’s creative director, Sabato De Sarno, during the interview. She praised him as someone who truly listens and cares for her, something she finds rare in the fashion industry. Cyrus also revealed that her signature scent is Gucci’s Flora fragrance, which she considers a part of her identity, bringing her back to herself amidst chaos. The singer first debuted her brunette makeover on Instagram in September 2023 after sporting blonde locks for nearly a decade, coinciding with her new role as the creative director for Gucci.

The evolution of Cyrus’s style from grunge to glam can be seen throughout her career, with her recent cover shoot for W Magazine showcasing her versatility and confidence in pulling off different looks. Her collaborations with designers like Sabato De Sarno and her choice of fragrances reflect her unique personality and love for fashion. The bold fashion choices and hairstyles she embraces only add to her overall image as a trendsetter in the industry.

Fans of Miley Cyrus can look forward to seeing more of her style evolution in the coming years, as she continues to explore new looks and push boundaries with her fashion choices. From her love of Gucci to her signature scent, Cyrus’s identity shines through in every aspect of her appearance. With her brunette makeover and chic outfits, she proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and beauty, continuously reinventing herself with grace and confidence.

Overall, Miley Cyrus’s feature in W Magazine showcases her as a brown-haired beauty with a flair for high fashion and trendsetting looks. Her collaborations with designers and her unique sense of style set her apart in the industry, making her a stand-out figure in the world of fashion and beauty. With her signature scent and bold fashion choices, Cyrus continues to inspire fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of style.

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