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Missouri eatery stands by higher minimum age policy for customers to prevent ‘drama’



Bliss Restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, has recently implemented a controversial age policy that sets minimum ages of 30 for women and 35 for men to enter the establishment. Despite facing some criticism, the owner and assistant manager of the upscale Caribbean and West African cuisine restaurant are standing by their decision. The policy aims to create a more mature and sophisticated atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their dining experience without the drama that some younger customers may bring. The restaurant opened last month to great fanfare on social media, but locals are divided on the age restrictions.

In a Facebook post, Bliss Restaurant explained that the age policy is in place to maintain a sophisticated environment, uphold standards, and sustain a unique ambiance. Guests must show their IDs to a hostess or law enforcement officer after 7PM Wednesday through Sunday to ensure that only those who meet the age criteria can enter. The restaurant believes that the age restriction will create a mature and relaxed environment for all guests while allowing them to focus on providing exceptional service and a memorable experience. Despite receiving backlash, most of the comments on social media appear to praise the policy, with many commending the restaurant for its dedication to providing an upscale dining experience.

While many patrons support the age requirement, some locals are more skeptical about the policy. Critics argue that age does not guarantee behavior, as individuals above the age of 30-35 may still engage in disruptive behavior. Some express concerns about the potential for fake IDs to be used to bypass the age restriction. Others question the significant age difference between men and women, with one person mentioning that they wouldn’t see themselves dating someone 5 years older than them. The restaurant has yet to respond to requests for comment from media outlets regarding the backlash and concerns raised by some members of the community.

Overall, Bliss Restaurant is standing by its decision to implement an age policy to create a more mature and sophisticated atmosphere for its patrons. While the policy has received some pushback from locals, many individuals have expressed support for the establishment’s dedication to providing an upscale dining experience free from drama. Despite criticism, the restaurant’s owners are committed to maintaining their standards and unique ambiance through the age restriction. As the controversy surrounding the age policy continues, it remains to be seen how Bliss Restaurant will navigate the mixed reactions from customers and the community.

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