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Modi’s Influence: Indian Exit Polls Predicting Record Victory for BJP



India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to win a rare third term as exit polls predict a landslide victory for his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The polls suggest that the BJP and its allies could win 350-380 seats in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament. Despite facing challenges such as inequality, unemployment, and rising prices, Modi’s popularity seems to have remained strong.

The opposition INDIA alliance, aiming to remove the BJP from power, remains confident of securing a majority on counting day. While exit polls in India have had a varied track record in the past, they have generally predicted larger trends accurately. Almost a billion Indians participated in the massive seven-phase elections, which concluded on Saturday evening.

One surprising outcome of the exit polls is the projected gains for the BJP in southern states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where the party has historically struggled. Additionally, the BJP is expected to retain its stronghold states and make sweeping gains in other regions. If the results align with the exit polls, it would mean another five years of dominance for the BJP.

Modi’s re-election campaign focused on projecting him as a saviour of the Hindu population against perceived threats, while the opposition highlighted issues of social justice and equality. For some voters, like 21-year-old Vikrant Singh, concerns about rising expenses and unemployment weighed heavily in their decision to vote against the BJP.

Overall, Modi’s popularity seems to have remained strong, with supporters like 76-year-old Sudha Joshi praising his leadership and governance. Neelanjan Sircar of the Centre for Policy Research noted that Modi’s popularity has been a key factor in the BJP’s success. As the official results are awaited, there is a sense that another five years of Modi and his deputy, Amit Shah, leading the country could be on the horizon.

Despite concerns and criticisms from some quarters, the BJP’s model of governance and welfare schemes seem to have resonated with a significant portion of the Indian electorate. If the exit polls are correct, Modi’s leadership could be poised for another term, solidifying the BJP’s position as a dominant political force in India.

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