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Mom splits the internet with viral video explaining why she never returns her shopping cart: ‘Go ahead and judge me’



The debate over returning shopping carts has reached a new level with a viral TikTok video by Dr. Leslie Dobson, a mother of two who refuses to return her shopping cart, citing concerns for her children’s safety. Dobson’s video sparked a backlash online, with some users criticizing her for not following social etiquette. However, Dobson defended her stance, arguing that the risk of leaving her children unattended while returning the cart was not worth it.

In response to the criticism, Dobson emphasized the importance of trusting one’s intuition and prioritizing safety over societal expectations. She highlighted statistics on child abductions in parking lots to underscore the potential dangers of leaving children unattended. Dobson’s video has sparked a conversation about the perceived importance of returning shopping carts as a measure of politeness in society.

While some social media users have condemned Dobson’s refusal to return the shopping cart, others have expressed support for her decision. One user shared their own experience of safely returning the cart with their children, while another user highlighted the convenience and ease of returning the cart as a simple task. Despite the mixed reactions, Dobson remains steadfast in her belief that women should feel empowered to prioritize their safety and intuition.

In a follow-up video, Dobson addressed the public outcry over her stance on returning shopping carts, reiterating her commitment to prioritizing safety for herself and her family. She emphasized the importance of staying vigilant and aware of potential dangers in public spaces, urging viewers to trust their instincts and prioritize safety. Dobson’s videos have sparked a broader conversation about the balance between societal expectations and personal safety in everyday tasks.

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