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10 Beatles Songs That Have Annoying Sounds



Despite how much you love The Beatles, you can’t deny that some of their songs have annoying sounds. Those sounds came during their experimental phase. Whether the sounds came from experimentation or an odd instrument, here are 10 Beatles songs with annoying sounds.

10. ‘Yellow Submarine’

Is it one of the best children’s tunes? Is it annoying because of it? “Yellow Submarine” might be a fan favorite for some, but its sound effects are annoying for others. When The Beatles recorded the tune, they were deep diving into the sound effects library at EMI Studios (later Abbey Road). While we can’t fault them for experimenting, we can disagree on their sound choices. They’re meant to immerse the listener into the surroundings explained in the lyrics, but sometimes they’re too jarring.

9. ‘I’m Only Sleeping’

Revolver is considered The Beatles’ first truly experimental record. They were doing everything under the sun to make their tunes as innovative as possible. On “I’m Only Sleeping,” they utilized their newly discovered technique of backward loops. However, in this song, the backward loops are simply frustrating. They don’t add anything to the song. Back in the 1960s, it was revolutionary, but now it’s just a bunch of confusing sounds.

8. ‘A Day in the Life’

The gathering crescendo of orchestra music in the middle and end of the song isn’t the most annoying sound in “A Day in the Life.” It’s the backward loop at the end, following the irritating dog whistle. It’s creepy and only appears in certain versions, thankfully. Once the last piano key rings out and the dog whistle starts, you know it’s time to switch songs.


7. ‘Good Morning Good Morning’

We know that the rooster at the beginning of “Good Morning Good Morning” follows the song’s theme, but it’s annoying. So is the brass section immediately after. If we’re being honest, the entire intro to the tune is annoying, including the repetitive “good morning.”

6. ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!’

Like “Yellow Submarine,” the sounds in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” are meant to immerse the listener. In this case, The Beatles wanted to surround their fans with sound effects typically heard at a fairground. However, some are irksome, including the background noise of instruments in the middle of the song.

5. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’

Overall, “Strawberry Fields Forever” isn’t an annoying song. However, like in “A Day in the Life,” the end is jarring and unnecessary. It’s another crescendo of noise that starts with a flute and turns into a loud banging of brass instruments that usually signals the listener to switch to another tune.


4. ‘I Am the Walrus’

“I Am the Walrus” is another Beatles tune that gets annoying toward the end. There’s a crescendo, and then a TV frequency comes in, and a high-pitched sound starts that usually has to be played low for fear of damaging one’s hearing. The chanting and the various voices that chime in while all this is happening are just the cherries on top of all the chaos.

3. ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’

Again, we understand that the plane noises in “Back in the U.S.S.R.” are only there to surround the listener in the song’s story, but they’re vexing. This is another Beatles song that should be listened to on low volume. Other than that, it’s a pleasant rock ‘n’ roll tune.

2. ‘Octopus’s Garden’

Like Ringo Starr’s “Yellow Submarine,” “Octopus’s Garden” is a child-like tune with annoying sound effects. The bubbles and other aquatic noises don’t make the song more enjoyable or reputable. It’s a joke, actually. It’s a song everyone knows but rarely one people love.

1. ‘Glass Onion’

The lyrics to “Glass Onion” are just as strange as the strings. They’re jarring and are meant to add to the weirdness of the tune. However, the most annoying part of “Glass Onion” is the sound in the background. It sounds like it could be coming from a wooden scraper block. It sounds like an irritating frog.


The Beatles were innovative in everything they did, but they could’ve chosen nicer sounds for some of their songs. However, there will always be sounds in music that annoy certain people.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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