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‘1000-lb Best Friends’: Tina Defends Meghan Against Viewers Calling Her ‘Lazy’ and a ‘Mooch’



The TLC reality show 1000-lb Best Friends chronicles the journey of four obese women as they struggle to lose weight and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. To further complicate things, they have to deal with the backlash from viewers who don’t know their full stories.

Recently, cast member Meghan Crumpler has received plenty of flack from fans of the show over her behavior. But, as it turns out, there is a lot more to the situation than people realize. Recently, Tina Arnold defended Crumpler on social media against viewers calling her “lazy” and a “mooch”.

Tina Arnold and her husband got off to a rough start in Season 2 of ‘1000-lb Best Friends’

The second season of the show recently premiered. In the first episode, Arnold and her husband, Johnnie, experienced an unfortunate incident when their home flooded in the first episode. It was pretty devastating for the couple. Arnold cried in her confessional and told viewers, “It’s just beating down, it sounds like it’s raining. It’s pouring out the side of my house.”

The house was unlivable. So Arnold, Johnnie, Crumpler, her fiancé, and their kids were all forced to live in a hotel until repairs took place. Sadly, the insurance would only pay for one room, so the eight of them had to stay together.

Things got a little cramped, to say the least. Everyone reached their breaking point. This didn’t sit well with fans of the show. One viewer took to Reddit and commented, “Meghan is a horrible friend. The fact that Meghan is staying in Tina’s basement, and now staying in the hotel with her & her family is ridiculous to me.”

1,000-lb Best Friends star Tina Arnold | TLC via Youtube

Tina Arnold defends Meghan Crumpler against viewers calling her ‘lazy’ and a ‘mooch’

What many viewers don’t realize is that what they see on reality TV rarely tells the entire story. Hours of footage are edited into much shorter episodes. Key details are often left out.

This seems to be what happened recently in the situation between Arnold and Crumpler. Fans were calling Crumpler “lazy” and a “mooch”, saying she doesn’t give Arnold and her husband privacy or space. However, Arnold took to Instagram to defend her.

 Arnold wrote in the caption:

“I think the world deserves to see the positive side of us living together. She’s up right now cooking breakfast, in OUR kitchen, for the kids. I wasn’t awake, so she took it upon herself, as she does most weekend mornings, to make sure they’re ok. And she does so without a second thought.

I want to make sure things like this don’t go unnoticed and are shown to y’all too. You may miss this part in the show but this is our daily life. She’s anything but a mooch, lazy or a user. We are family, that’s why she’s here.”

Tina’s husband said he will leave if something doesn’t change

Apparently, things are getting to Arnold’s husband. Johnnie expressed his feelings in Episode 4 of Season 2. He thinks Crumpler is too clingy, and he can’t handle it anymore. The couple talk, and according to Arnold:

“Johnnie and I are having issues right now. I feel like they’re probably typical of anybody married for 20 years with four kids. It’s just been a little bit more lately with all of the stress and everything that’s happened at the house. We have been too closely in quarters for too long. And it’s been really rough …. Meghan has been in my life since I was 13, so it’s difficult for me to think about just pushing her out.”

So, how does Johnnie feel? He explained in the episode: 

“It’s kind of frustrating trying to get Tina on board with Meghan and Jon moving out because Tina wants her best friend there. We have a marriage that we need to work on right now. We also have kids that we need to focus on.

A lot of that attention is going toward Meghan, so we very rarely get alone time because Meghan has to make sure that she is always there. And if something isn’t done soon, then it’s going to really affect our marriage, and I’m gonna end up leaving.”


What will happen? Only time will tell.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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