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4 of the Cringiest Moments From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 So Far



Every reality show has its moments of absolute cringe, and Love Is Blind Season 4 is no different. Half the fun of watching series like Love Is Blind and Perfect Match come from the unscripted moments the reality TV stars find themselves in. So, in no particular order, here are four of the cringiest moments in Love Is Blind Season 4 so far.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Love Is Blind Season 4 Episodes 1-8.]

Zack and Irina meeting face to face had us all covering our eyes

When it comes to Love Is Blind Season 4, Zack and Irina’s first meeting takes the top spot for cringiest moments. While the two hit it off quickly in the pods, Irina’s reaction to seeing Zack in person made us all inwardly say, “Oh nooooooo.” The 26-year-old business owner couldn’t hide her disappointment when seeing Zack, a 31-year-old criminal defense attorney, for the first time. Zack and Irina hugged upon meeting, but Irina quickly pointed out Zack’s “blank stare.” She said he looked like a “fictional character, like something out of a cartoon,” and the rest of their relationship went downhill from there. Zack tried to initiate some intimacy with her on their trip to Mexico, but she later told her girlfriends he “gave her the ick.” It was incredibly awkward to watch, but it had to be even more awkward to experience that in real life.

Irina and Kwame and the request for shots lands on our list of cringiest moments in ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4

So far, Irina hasn’t done herself any favors with her actions this season on Love Is Blind. This brings us to our second cringiest moment of the season. Irina and Micah were inseparable during their time on the show, and Micah already managed to ruffle a few feathers by having an intimate conversation with Kwame at the pool.

However, to add fuel to the fire, moments after Chelsea asked Kwame for some chips and guacamole, Irina yelled out, “Kwame! Me and Micah would love tequila shots with salt. Would you get us some?”


Kwame declined, and the already tense moment became even more awkward. Irina, girl, read the room next time.

Chelsea’s oversharing of her and Kwame’s sexual escapades

During the pool party in Love Is Blind Season 4, the women gather to talk about their first nights with their fiancés. While most of the women remained somewhat tight-lipped about their intimate nights, Chelsea took the opposite route.

Starting off the conversation, Chelsea asks Micah, “You guys bangin’ it? You guys bangin’ it?” She then followed that with, “I am f****** wrecked! F****** wrecked, man! That’s how I like it! How I want it for the rest of my life!”

And before anyone decides to jump in the comments section and say, “What’s wrong with a woman who’s confident in her sexuality?” The answer is nothing. There is something called oversharing, though, and telling a group of people on national television that you’re “f****** wrecked” falls in that category.

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 cringiest moments feature Shake v. 2.0

If you’re a fan of Love Is Blind, you’re familiar with Shake from season 2. Amazingly, Shake somehow convinced someone to say yes to him when he proposed in the pods, but not before asking as many questions as possible that might hint at their physical looks. (My personal favorite was, “If we were at a music festival could I hold you on my shoulders?” Brave of you to think you could hold anyone on your shoulders, sir, but go off, I guess.)

In Love Is Blind Season 4, Billy, a real estate investor, takes some notes directly out of Shake’s book when talking to the women in the pods. He asks one woman about her ethnicity repeatedly.

“Are you Japanese? Korean? Chinese?” Billy asks.


In another pod, he asks Tiffany, “Are you short? Let me guess. 5’1”? 4’11”

Apparently, the whole purpose of Love Is Blind flew right over Billy’s head. Maybe he’s a better match for Love Is Blurry.

That rounds out some of our cringiest moments from Love Is Blind Season 4, but we want to hear from you! Did you find a moment that made you cringe in embarrassment? Let us know in the comments down below!

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