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8 Dolphins Dead After People Try to Rescue Them Along Jersey Shore



A sad end to the drama on the sand in one Jersey Shore town.

All eight dolphins are dead that were beached in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, Tuesday afternoon, according to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

Several dolphins were found stranded at 50th Street Beach. Nearby beachgoers and residents tried to help them by throwing buckets of water on them and covering them with blankets on the sand.

Earlier the dolphins could be seen moving as the people cared for them.

After many minutes on the sand, crews could be seen loading the dolphins onto the back of pickup trucks. They drove the dolphins a short distance to a box truck, where they transferred the dolphins into the back.

It appeared two other dolphins could be seen further up the beach in an area that was taped off with yellow tape.


According to the stranding center, two of the dolphins died on the beach while the other six were euthanized. All of them were in bad shape.

They are being taken to a state lab and necropsies will be performed Tuesday night.

This is the first time since they can remember that they’ve had a mass stranding of dolphins this large.

Source: NBC New York

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