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A Kowloon documentary is coming, and you can help




“Share your favorite Kowloon memories with us!”

The Kowloon Restaurant is creating a documentary and is asking customers to provide footage. Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The Kowloon Restaurant, a legendary North Shore Chinese spot which has recently made public plans to cut seating by two-thirds, is now creating a documentary.

And the iconic restaurant is asking customers to provide some of the footage.

The request for “Old video footage (VHS, Super 8mm)” was posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“Share you favorite Kowloon memories with us!,” the restaurant wrote.


Videos can be submitted to [email protected]

Last year, the restaurant announced plans to cut seating from 1,200 seats to about 350 and build two new residential buildings on the site, with restaurant space on the first floor.

Source: Boston Globe

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