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Accused Newark police officer shooter Kendall Howard appears at virtual detention hearing



NEWARK, N.J. — The suspect accused of shooting two Newark police officers appeared in court on Wednesday.

Kendall Howard avoided all eye contact with cameras at his virtual detention hearing in Essex County Superior Court, CBS2’s Christina Fan reported.

Prosecutors argued the alleged 30-year-old cop shooter should be kept in custody pending trial. Defense attorney Douglas Mitchell agreed.

“Does your client consent to detention without prejudice on that complaint?” the judge asked.

“Yes, Your Honor. He consents without prejudice,” Mitchell said.

Howard was arrested last Wednesday, accused of injuring two Newark cops trying to question him about a shooting that occurred Oct. 28.


He managed to evade police for almost 24 hours before officers found him in the original building they were searching on Van Velsor Place.

Last week, Howard pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted murder.

On Wednesday, he entered the same plea on new weapons charges related to the previous shooting in October.

Back on Van Velsor Place, neighbors were relieved with the court’s decision, but are still waiting for answers on why it took so long to locate him.

“How come they didn’t find him the first time, Tuesday night, after you supposedly emptied out the whole building?” Tina Gist said.

Howard is scheduled to appear in court next on Jan. 9 for a plea disposition conference.


Source: CBS


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