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After 40 days in the Colombian jungle: children back in civilization



Bogota (Colombia) – Lesly (13), Soleiny (9), Tien Noriel (4) and Cristin (1) survived 40 days. Your first steps back in civilization are now going around the world.

At 12.30 a.m. German time, a plane with a very special cargo landed at the Catam military base near the Colombian capital Bogotá. On board were the four children who spent the past 40 days alone in the rainforest after a plane crash – and survived.

Air Force officers applaud the siblings

Photo: Ivan Valencia/dpa

The arrival of the adolescents was accompanied by a large media outreach. Not only in Colombia, but felt all over the world that touched Fate of Lesly, Soleiny, Tien Noriel and Cristin the humans.

The children's father was visibly relieved at the airport

The children’s father was visibly relieved at the airport



Immediately after arriving in Bogotá, an ambulance picked up the jungle children and took them to a nearby military hospital for further examinations. They got there at around 1:24 a.m.

General Pedro Sánchez, commander of the Colombian special forces, commented after the landing on the rescue of the children, in which the military was also involved. And he explained why it took so long.

Map: Children survive 40 days in the jungle in Colombia

“The hardest part of Operation Hope was understanding why the children didn’t stay in one place. In any military operation, there are three variables that cannot be controlled. The terrain, the weather, and the mindset of the other party, in this case the kids we were looking for,” Sánchez said.

After landing, an ambulance took the children to a hospital

After landing, an ambulance took the children to a hospital

Photo: John Vizcaino/dpa

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Accordingly, the military regularly evaluated satellite images to find fruit. There, so the thought, the children could have been looking for food. “But of course we couldn’t find out what was going on in the minds of the four adolescents,” he added. That made the search difficult.

Nevertheless, he was also relieved by the successful rescue. The results of the examination of the siblings in the hospital are not yet known.


6 weeks alone in the jungle The rescue of the children in the video

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