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After an own goal victory in Nuremberg: Darmstadt storms towards the Bundesliga!



Victory without a shot!

What a crazy win for Darmstadt 98. Lilien didn’t even shoot at goal in Nuremberg, but still won 1-0.

Present for Darmstadt Nuremberg’s curious own goal

How it works? By an own goal!

Nuremberg’s Christopher Schindler (32) deflected a cross from Matthias Bader into his own goal in the 32nd minute. 98 striker Phillip Tietz would have been there too, and Filip Stojilkovic even had his shirt pulled. But no matter, Nuremberg gives Darmstadt the points.


Darmstadt storms towards the Bundesliga.

The team coached by Torsten Lieberknecht (49) has 55 points after 26 match days. All second division clubs that had 55 points after 26 match days were promoted to the Bundesliga. Due to Hamburg’s 2-2 win in Düsseldorf, Darmstadt now has a five-point lead over third place and HSV.

Darmstadt goalkeeper Marcel Schuhen on Sky: “A year ago, there was a swearing in on Mallorca with 26 players. We didn’t want to experience fourth place again. But there’s still a long way to go.”

In Nuremberg, Darmstadt played to zero for the eleventh time. Schuhen: “It’s even nicer when you win 1-0.”

Source: Asia Times


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