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After sensational World Cup: Our ice hockey hero writes in BILD



What a World Cup, what a journey.

After the initial big disappointment, we went to the cabin, where most of the families who had traveled with us were already waiting. The mood was very forgiving and Harry, like the whole tournament, chose the right words for everyone.

Everyone was very touched and you felt again how intensively this team had grown together in a short time.

Then at around 1 a.m. we took the bus to the hotel. From here we parted ways because we all had different departure times.

Most of the crew went downtown for a beer while others stayed at the hotel. Over a beer and some fast food, we discussed what we had experienced again.


At 3:30 am the shuttle went from Tampere to Helsinki, from where I flew home. So there wasn’t much time after the game.

There are tournaments where it is difficult for the team to separate. Our goal before the World Cup was to achieve exactly that.

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We have filled our self-proclaimed basic virtues of FAITH, PASSION, WILL, PRIDE, ONE UNITY with life and you could also feel that from the outside. At least that was the feedback from viewers.

If you ask me if we lost gold or won silver, I would say yes.

But what makes me very proud of the silver medal is the fact that we won it.

Under Harry, German ice hockey continued on the path of Marco Sturm and Toni Söderholm. Your part in this medal is also very big!


I hope we could be a role model for many in Germany, either to start ice hockey themselves or, if they are already playing, to inspire them to think big.

In addition to commitment and the will to fight, German ice hockey has moved to a world-class level in a way that has perhaps never been the case.

In times when football is becoming more and more distant from our society, we hope to have won hearts for our great sport.

Source: Asia Times

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